Major Changes In Latest Draftwire Mock Draft

Bryan Driskell

There were some interesting changes for former Notre Dame players in the latest mock draft from Draftwire’s Luke Easterling. Overall there were five in the most recent mock draft, but two significant changes were eye catching.

His last mock draft came out a week ago and was just three rounds, but the latest mock from Easterling is a four-round mock, and there were a couple major changes.

The first two Notre Dame players were unchanged, with tight end Cole Kmet going in the second round (No. 43 overall) to the Chicago Bears and defensive end Julian Okwara going in the second round (No. 54 overall) to the Buffalo Bills.

I discussed the fits for both teams in the last breakdown of this mock draft, which you can read HERE.

Easterling had wide receiver Chase Claypool going No. 51 overall to the Dallas Cowboys in his last mock draft, and that was a fit that I liked, although I could see Claypool going higher than No. 51. 

But in his latest mock drat, the Draftwire analyst dropped Claypool 31 spots and out of round two. He still has the Cowboys taking Claypool, but now he has Claypool going in the round round with the No. 82 overall pick.

It’s a bit of a head scratcher why Claypool would drop 31 spots in a week despite absolutely nothing happening from a signings standpoint since the last mock draft was released.

Four spots later he has the Buffalo Bills taking cornerback Troy Pride Jr. with the No. 86 overall pick. Buffalo has an outstanding corner in Tre’Davious White, but beyond him the position certainly needs an upgrade, which would make Pride a great fit with the Bills.

The fifth and final Notre Dame player in this four-round mock draft is defensive end Khalid Kareem, who Draftwire has going No. 132 to the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota lost defensive end Everson Griffen, so landing Kareem in the fourth round would be a boost to the Vikings depth chart on the edge.

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So this guy has Claypool and Pride Jr going in almost back to back picks. That's laughable. Not because there is much talent seperating them but simply because it is a WR and a CB. I see Claypool as a 2nd rounder, 3rd round tops. I know what he has to offer, and the types of guys built like him have really made an impact in the NFL. I like Pride with the Bills. I think Kmet would be a great fit for Chicago because of his multi faceted all around game. He can block, he can run slants, he can run seams, he can catch over defenders, etc. Chicago needs a Mr. Reliable at TE.
I feel like a lot of teams are going to regret sleeping on Kareem. Kareem has tremendous upside when he's locked in, and I think he would be very complimentary to Danielle Hunter. Can't wait for the 2020 season! Staying optimistic!

Irish For Life
Irish For Life

Do the comments Cole Kmet made about wanting to play for Chicago affect the predictions for him?