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REPORT: Notre Dame To Join ACC For The 2020 Season

According to a report from Brett McMurphy there's a good chance Notre Dame becomes an ACC member for 2020

There has been plenty of talk about Notre Dame and the ACC working together to fill out a 2020 football schedule, and if Brett McMurphy of Stadium is correct the top choice for that scheduling model involves the Irish becoming a full ACC member for one season.

In this model, Notre Dame would do what the rest of the league is doing, and play a 10-game conference schedule. The full schedule would also include one non-conference game, which could be Navy depending on what the AAC decides. There are also rumors the SEC would work out a deal with the ACC to play non-conference games against each other.

That would not necessarily mean Notre Dame plays a SEC school, as there are 14 SEC teams and there would be 15 ACC teams for 2020 should the Irish join up. That would leave Notre Dame still free to play Navy, if the AAC allows non-conference games, or Notre Dame could finally give BYU the road game they owe the Cougars. Of course, Notre Dame could also still end up playing a SEC opponent

According to McMurphy, Notre Dame's games would count in the conference standings for each team, and presumably for the Irish as well. McMurphy said a decision on Notre Dame earning the Orange Bowl bid, which goes to the top team in the league, or second best team if the top squad goes to the playoff, had yet to be decided.

His tweet did also not include anything about the possibility of Notre Dame being able to play in any type of league championship game, assuming those are still played this season. Based on recent comments made by Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick, it's unknown that Notre Dame would even want to be eligible for such a game.

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