Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest Has Been Postponed, Oct. 3 Reschedule Unlikely

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame and Wake Forest will not play this weekend and are looking to reschedule the game that was slated for Saturday. Here is what Notre Dame just released:

"A total of 94 COVID-19 tests were administered to Notre Dame Football student-athletes on Monday. Of those 94, there were seven positive tests, according to University Physician Dr. Matt Leiszler. Those seven student-athletes are in isolation and their close contacts have been/are being identified.

"In consultation with the St. Joseph County Department of Health, the Notre Dame Football program has decided to pause all football-related activities until further testing is completed. Combined with last week’s testing results, a total of 13 players are currently in isolation, with 10 in quarantine.

"The ACC and Wake Forest have been notified, and the process of rescheduling the game originally slated for Sept. 26 is underway.

“With student-athlete health and safety our primary focus, we will continue to follow our prevention protocols and ongoing testing procedures,” said Dick Corbett Head Football Coach Brian Kelly. “We managed an increase in positivity rates in August, and the players handled it wonderfully.

“We knew COVID would present challenges throughout the season, and we'll always put student-athlete health and safety at the forefront of our decision making. We look forward to resuming team activities and getting back on the playing field.”

Notre Dame and Wake Forest both have bye games Oct. 3, so that will likely be the first date they try and work out. I'm told by sources the current number of players in quarantine is expected to grow.

3:46 PM UPDATE: After talking with sources, the chances of Notre Dame and Wake Forest playing Oct. 3, the weekend both have bye weeks, is unlikely at this point. The number of players in contract tracing appears to be the problem, as players that are in the quarantine protocol for contact tracing are mandated to be out 14 days even if they test negative for COVID-19 every single day.

If that holds up, that would mean the players in quarantine because of contact tracing would place them out until the week of the Florida State game, and they would not be eligible to return the weekend of Oct. 3. According to my sources, there are far more players in quarantine for contact tracing than there are who test positive for the virus.


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Comments (9)
No. 1-6

This is the unfortunate reality of running a season during this Covid pandemic. We're all just gonna have to get used to it for now. Hopefully the team is fully ready to go for the FSU game. Would have to think Wake gets moved to the week before the ACCCG then?


Irish Breakdown has taken on a whole other, unfortunate, meaning.

Irish For Life
Irish For Life

Amazing how many plans have been made over positive COVID tests and zero plans based upon COVID death rate. Panic is better than science. SMH


"The quarantine list is expected to grow" statement should tell everyone that the list of players in quarantine from either testing positive or to the tracing is pretty significant. For them to cancel so quickly its probably 20-30 players that will be in quarantine. You can survive losing 7 players if they have to quarantine. If you are forced to sit 20-30 players and you can forget about playing and I think that's what we have here. I just hope we can make it up and the game doesn't get canceled.


Screw Covid! That's all.


The season as we had hopefully perceived it early on is history, sports fans. What's maddening is that even if those who "supposedly" have it and are re-tested today, and it comes back negative, they are still remanded to quarantine. False positives are prevalent all across the country.....and I've love to know what, if any, symptoms were seen in each of these kids. I'd bet my bottom dollar NONE showed one sign of being infected. This is all sheer and utter bullshit. The panic does not align with reality. Look up the Stanford/UCLA study on the subject and it will all come into OLED High Definition. Book it.