Notre Dame Wide Receivers Are The Key To An Offensive Breakout In 2021

Notre Dame has a deep and talented group of receivers, and their emergence is key to an offensive breakout in 2021

Much has been made of the need for the Notre Dame offense to catch up to the big boys of college football and start scoring more points .... a lot of them. There are a number of factors that will go into the offense making that jump, but I contend that from a personnel standpoint the key to Notre Dame breaking out on offense this season is the wide receivers.

In the latest Irish Breakdown podcast I discuss why that is the case, and why I'm so confident in the unit being a focal point of an offensive explosion in 2021.

In the past Notre Dame's wide receivers have been talented, but more often than not their skillsets were very similar. In other instances the team had a diverse group of players but only used the big wideouts. Looking at the 2021 depth chart and you'll see arguably the deepest group of wideouts of Brian Kelly's tenure, and it's certainly the most diverse group from a skillset standpoint.

In this podcast I break down the four types of wideouts that you'll find: big receivers, route runners, playmakers and combo receivers. That is followed by which Notre Dame receivers fit into each category.

That is followed by why it's so valuable to have that kind of diversity at wide receiver. I discuss how this versatility makes game planning for the offense so much more fun, and game planning for defensive coordinators so much more challenging. It gives OC Tommy Rees a lot of weapons to work with, and it could make his job very, very fun and exciting in 2021.

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