Irish Breakdown Mailbag

Bryan Driskell

In the latest installment of the Irish Breakdown podcast I answer all of your questions about Notre Dame football and Fighting Irish recruiting.

The topics were quite broad in this week's episode. Here is a list of some of the top topics.

*** This episode begins with a discussion of offensive coordinator Tommy Rees. In the past I have expressed my concerns with Rees being hired at such a young age, but this time the focus is on the skills that should have fans excited about this hire. In the video at the top of the article there is a sample of this discussion and why Rees could be successful early on.

*** I was asked about my "All-Brian Kelly Team" at Notre Dame, but instead of individual players the focus is on position groups by year. That is followed by the coaching staff I would put together from the Kelly era.

*** Why 2015 was Notre Dame's best chance at playing for a national title, and what kept that from happening.

*** The opportunity for sophomore linebacker Marist Liufau to compete for time in 2020.

*** I was asked what I would rather have, a Charlie Weis-led team with Mike Elko/Clark Lea running the defense or Kelly with Weis' recruiting ability.

*** From a recruiting standpoint I also try to restore some hope regarding putting together the 2021 class. But I also discuss reasons why the class has faltered after such a hot start.

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You and I are in complete agreement on the position groups you would take to build a roster with the exception of running back. Here’s why.. for the same reason you took 2015 pre-Zaire injury.. I would take the 2015 running back group pre-Folston injury. That group was the deepest RB group of Kelly’s tenure in my opinion when you look at Folston-Prosise-Adams-Williams.. And while I agree about the 2011 group when Wood and Gray were both healthy, we saw what happened when one of them went down. We also saw what happened in 2015 when Folston went down and that group just kept on running through people. So give me the exact same way you built that roster, but replace the 2011 RB group with the 2015 group and lets roll...

Irish For Life
Irish For Life

@Bryan Driskell

I have to tell you coach that I LOVE the intro music. I even restart the podcast just so I can hear it again.