Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick Not Optimistic About Sept. 5 Start Date

Bryan Driskell

In an interview with ESPN, Notre Dame director of athletics Jack Swarbrick seemed pessimistic about the college football season starting on time.

“It has grown more pessimistic over the past two weeks, but I’m not to a point to say we shouldn’t continue to plan for the potential to open on time,” Swarbrick told ESPN. “I just think it’s less likely. We have to shift our allocations a little bit — a little more time on planning the alternatives, and a little less time on planning routine (going) forward.”

Notre Dame is currently in the phase two period of returning for the season. After getting through the first phase with just one player testing positive, Notre Dame began more in-depth team workouts this week.

While the players are working on getting ready, administrators like Swarbrick are making contingency plans. Of course, the first decision will be okaying, or moving, the season opener against Navy that is currently scheduled for September 5.

“We’re prepared for that,” Swarbrick told ESPN regarding the team’s Sept. 5 start date. “But we also recognize it’s at risk.”

Swarbrick also discussed how road games will work in regards to testing.

“You’re not getting on that plane if you haven’t been tested that week,” he said.

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Comments (4)
No. 1-4

What will change by, say, October 1? This seems so odd. Season should be moved up, if anything.


Just move the season to the spring semester. Welcome to South Bend in March, Clemson.


Agreed with DaveyJ. If we were on a path in which we were getting better you could say I don't think early Sept would work, but early Oct seems more plausible. Unfortunately when you are moving in the wrong direction, it seems like postponing in the short-term could just as likely put you in a situation that is worse.


Wow, it's starting to get serious as far as scheduling goes. I wonder when the decision needs to be made whether to have a season at all at this point. Nothing political, thinking or loss based on B10 scheduling, Jack's comments, etc.