Notre Dame Places A "Pause" On In-Person Instruction

Bryan Driskell

With a recent spike in cases of COVID-19 on campus, the University of Notre Dame has placed a "pause" on in-person classroom instruction. For the next two weeks all class instruction for students at the university will be virtual.

“With the advice and encouragement of Dr. Mark Fox of the St. Joseph County Health Department, we believe we can take steps short of sending students home for remote instruction, at least for the time being, while still protecting the health and safety of the campus community,” Father John I. Jenkins stated through a university release.

“The virus is a formidable foe,” Jenkins said. “For the past week, it has been winning. Let us as the Fighting Irish join together to contain it.”

Notre Dame began in-person classroom instruction on August 10. The first week saw a small number of cases, but on Monday that number grew to 147 out of 927 tests (since Aug. 3 per the school's release). In Notre Dame's release it said that most of the positive tests were students that lived off campus, and just one was a staff member (non-student).

“Our contact-tracing analysis indicates that most infections are coming from off-campus gatherings,” Jenkins said in a release. “Students infected at those gathering passed it on to others, who in turn have passed the virus on to others, resulting in the positive cases we have seen.”

According to Jenkins, Notre Dame plans on cracking down on off-campus parties in an attempt to limit big gatherings of people. The release from Notre Dame also said off-campus students are not to visit campus and students living in the dorms should stay on campus. Notre Dame also said gatherings should be limited to no more than 10 people.

The decision to require students that live off campus to stay off campus does not impact the football team.

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Who this is Geoffrey Clark cat from fighting Irish wire USA Today? Makes me so mad when beat reporters want to cancel football. It’s infuriating when they cite the reason covid is going to kill football players. Coach it is so frustrating that people won’t look at stats and risk. According to New England Journal of medicine you have more a chance of death by getting hit by a literal ambulance in the parking lot while walking into a hospital Er then a adolescent to young adult contracting regular flu and dying. An actual published study. Covid has exponentially less symptoms and less morbid then flu in same age group. People have lost their marbles.


@Bryan Driskell Curious if these positive tests were a result of individual COVID testing method or pool COVID testing method. A large number of states, institutions, and testing facilities use the pool COVID testing method and group 50-100 tests together. If 1 individual is positive in the pool all samples will be positive.

Very much enjoy the site and podcasts!