ESPN's Rece Davis Believes There Will Be College Football In 2020

Bryan Driskell

ESPN College Football GameDay host Rece Davis spoke with Sportscenter host Kevin Negandhi about the possibility of football in 2020, and Davis sounded quite optimistic.

“In some form Kevin, it’s still really hot, I think they’re going to play,” Davis said when asked about the possibility of there being college football this fall. “There certainly might be alterations to the schedule …. particular teams outside the Power 5.

Despite concerns being raised recently, and with a great deal of uncertainty regarding how operations will be handled on Saturday, Davis remains confident in games still being played.

“I think there’s still a great deal of optimism and reason to think games will be played,” continued Davis. “(How many) people will be in the stands, if any, we don’t know that yet. I think there’s still so much to learn over the next couple of months. What all of these positive tests at a variety of tests across the country mean. What does it mean by virtue of the fact that at least based on what’s been reported up to this point, not many players, thankfully, have not gotten seriously ill.

“So all of those things, I think, will unfold over the next several weeks, and then once the practices start does that impact testing and sickness and that type of thing,” he continued. “Many things could change, but I still have a great deal of optimism that there will still be a season.”

Negandhi then asked Davis what his biggest concerns were, and what could derail the season over the next two months.

“Serious illness within a team, or on a campus,” Davis stated. “That type of thing could make everybody take another step back and look at it and say this is not a tenable situation. I hope and pray that doesn’t happen because you don’t want anyone to get seriously ill.”

Davis went on to add, wisely, that even more than in past seasons, medical staff must be more involved in the day to day with teams.

“It’s really important for the medical personal to lead the way on this,” explained Davis. “I really take a note of UCLA’s situation, where I think it was 30-some odd players signed a letter that they would like to have an independent person overseeing the practices to make sure everything’s followed and UCLA seems to be on board with that.

“Those types of things are still going to play out and could be greatly impacted if someone not only tests positive but comes significantly ill, and we hope and pray that doesn’t happen.”

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Music to my eyes in this holiday. God Bless America!


The rising number of infections over the past two weeks, with no indication that we are close to peaking, is really getting me concerned about whether there will be a drain or not. It only takes one or two schools to say they will not play this season to get the ball rolling, with the chain reaction that an entire conference might call the season off, and then all teams. We'll see.