Gentle Giant: Getting To Know Blake Fisher

Notre Dame offensive tackle commit Blake Fisher talks about Jack Sullivan about who he is off the field.
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This past summer Notre Dame landed the best player in the state of Indiana when Avon (Ind.) High School start offensive tackle Blake Fisher committed to the Irish.

Fisher has been the recruiter of the class, becoming one of the Irish fans favorite commits. It is unquestionable that Fisher is a beast on the football field and the recruiting trail, and it would be easy to gain an ego. But his family, experiences and faith have developed one of the most humble 17-year olds around.

Mature beyond his years, Fisher keeps things in perspective.

“I’m most grateful for family and just waking up with a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and shoes on my feet,” Fisher said, humbly.

It is not surprising to learn that Fisher is able to keep a level head, especially with how he has grounded himself outside of football.

“I love to go to church, play video games, and hang around friends and family,” continued the 6-6, 330-pound star offensive tackle.

But being a star wasn’t something Fisher ever planned for himself, and he didn’t see that in himself for quite some time.

“Not going to lie, probably 15 or 16,” Fisher answered when asked when he first thought this was realistic. “I never really saw the potential everyone else saw, and there were times when I often doubted myself and my abilities.”

To all the young kids that have aspirations for something too big to imagine at this moment, Fisher has a clear message for you all, as he admits he was once in your place.

“Follow your dream! Never let anyone get in the way of that!”

Being humble wasn’t something that Fisher was just naturally blessed with, as he has dealt with something unbelievably hard at such a young age. This was something that shaped Fisher into the man he has become today.

“When my sister passed away,” Fisher said. “That taught me never to take anything for granted, and I think that’s where my kind heart and spirit comes from. My big sister wasn’t able to walk or talk, but I could sure feel her, and we had great talks! Even though she didn’t have the same capabilities as me, she taught me a lot!”

Something that is easily learned from conversations with Fisher is that he cares a lot about how other people are doing. He’s a lot more than a beast in the trenches.

“I have a big heart for others,” Fisher said. “If I’m in an area where someone is hurting, then I feel that, and I begin to pour my heart out for that individual. I put others before myself often!”

It’s easy to see why Fisher is such a great fit for Notre Dame.

Fisher, who is currently a junior in high school, has plenty of time to decide what he wants to do in his life. However, these thoughts have been on his mind, and he can see himself in a few areas after his football career.

“Honestly, I battle this a lot but something like social work,” he stated. “I am a people person, so a mentor or an inspirational speaker. I also would get into the coaching field if I had the chance.”

So, all-in-all, who is Blake Fisher, you might ask?

“Blake Fisher is a kind hearted, intelligent, and hardworking young man,” Fisher spoke on how he’d describe himself for Irish fans.

Irish fans have been able to see how strong of a player and recruiter that Fisher has become, but he is much more than just that. Fisher is an incredibly bright young man who has been raised fantastically. Notre Dame is getting a good young man in the Indiana offensive tackle, who shows traits that could lead to a future “C” on his jersey.