Spielman & Hooley: Hoops hits .500; Tucker's exit

Bruce Hooley

The latest edition of the Spielman and Hooley podcast includes discussion about OSU hoops and its win over Purdue on Saturday that gets the Buckeyes to .500 in the Big Ten, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin coming out strong against Myles Garrett's charges against Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph, John Beilein's likely departure as Cavaliers' head coach, Mel Tucker's awkward exit from Colorado, a critical review, Chris' discovering something he didn't know about Bruce's athletic career and a conversation about offering comfort to others in difficult circumstances and focusing on what you know to be true in those moments.

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Kyle Young does his alma mater, Massillon Jackson, proud by scoring a career-high 16 in OSU's win over Purdue on Saturday.

The Buckeyes play at Iowa on Thursday, which means anything is possible in the wacky world of Fran McCaffrey.

Mike Tomlin is not having any of Myles Garrett's insistence that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur in the game where Garrett swung his helmet and hit Rudolph, resulting in Garrett's suspension for the remainder of the season.

What's really curious about this Garrett matter is the timing, on all sorts of levels.

A reviewer is critical of Bruce for contending that the Baker Mayfield Snapchat story is worth discussion.

This sparks a revisiting of Bruce's exit from 97.1 The Fan and whether he'd do the same thing again if ordered by management not to discuss something deemed too controversial for the station's bottom line.

Mel Tucker is taking heavy criticism from Colorado boosters he met with the night he accepted the Michigan State job and professed his loyalty to the Buffalos.

Is there ever a right way or a wrong way for a coach to interview for a job and not say something that will haunt him if he takes that job?

John Beilein looks like he might be out in Cleveland after half a season.

Why didn't it work?

At age 68, would Beilein be a good hire for a top college job?

Spiels revisits his trip to Bruce's high school Hall of Fame ceremony and learns something he didn't know.

Comfort is a precious gift you can give if you have received it, but don't forget to search for a needy recipient you might overlook.

In times of struggle, focus on the things you know to be true instead of what you feel or are tempted to feel.

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