Caleb Williams Details March for Black Lives Matter Campaign

2021 five-star quarterback and Washington, D.C. native stands in solidarity against racial oppression
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Caleb Williams announced his commitment date a week ago, but in his most recent 'All on the Line' blog via SI All-American, he largely eschewed football-related topics.

Two weeks ago, he had spoken out in the aftermath of George Floyd's death and the first riots across the country. But today, Williams went public with the news that he himself had engaged in a protest.

"I went protesting in Washington, D.C.," he said. "A peaceful protest with a few of my teammates, a few classmates, a few people from other schools, teachers from others schools and my school. This is real to me because some of the people dying and being brutalized are around my age or even younger - the 13-year-old in Tulsa arrested for jaywalking and the Atlanta college students tased and pulled from the car. This all is insane."

As a D.C. native, Williams is in very close proximity to the epicenter of the controversy. Nevertheless, he emphasized that the protest he participated in was completely diplomatic.

"It was a peaceful protest," Williams went on. "We walked the streets of Northwest D.C., had signs, we didn't say a word. It was peaceful about the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor that keeps happening over and over."

Williams, quite evidently displeased with the current climate, continues to do what he can to make a difference.

"History just keeps remaking itself," he wrote. "We all supported, walking through the streets of D.C., went to the Capitol, said what we had to say and came back on the same route."

Williams is set to commit on July 4, so Sooner Nation can expect two more installments of his 'All on the Line' blog. However, it remains to be seen whether those blogs will be primarily focused on football.

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