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Oklahoma State President Says Oklahoma 'Broke a Bond of Trust' with Move to SEC in Scathing Comments

Kayse Shrum claimed Oklahoma's planning with the SEC was a breach of the Big 12's bylaws and broke trust between the two in-state schools.
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Oklahoma and Texas’ move to the SEC has ruffled the feathers of many throughout the college sports world in the past week, perhaps none so more than the Sooners’ in-state rival Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State University President Kayse Shrum commented on social media about her disappointment with Oklahoma late last week, and has now done so again on Monday in a clearly more harsh tone that would imply legal action is going to be taken in some capacity.

“Earlier today OU delivered a document to the Big 12 Conference office which indicated they will not sign the grant of rights agreement in 2024-25,” Shrum wrote on Twitter. “This action was strategic, deliberate and is the result of months of planning with the SEC.”

“We believe these conversations, which developed over a long period of time, are in clear breach of the bylaws of the Big 12 Conference and broke a bond of trust between our universities in existence for decades.

“It is difficult to understand how an Oklahoma institution of higher education would follow the University of Texas to the detriment of the State of Oklahoma. Nevertheless we are turning our eyes to the future and looking at what is best for Oklahoma State University.

“Over the last few days, I have received countless phone calls, texts and emails from high-ranking officials and members of the Cowboy family showing their support for OSU as we navigate the road ahead. Regardless of what comes next, OSU is dedicated to the State of Oklahoma.

“We remain confident @okstate is in the strongest position we have ever been in, and I am excited about the future of Oklahoma State University, our land-grant mission, world-class faculty and top-notch athletic programs.”

Obviously, there are some strong statements in here from Shrum but most notably is the claim that Oklahoma is following Texas to the SEC at the detriment of the state in which they reside.

That will likely not sit well in Norman both for the implication that they are following Texas’ lead as well as the suggestion that they are damaging the state by making the move that only makes the most sense for the Sooners.

This situation looks like it could get very messy in the coming weeks and months as the fallout of this seismic move by Oklahoma and Texas continues to have ripple effects across the country.

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