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How Oklahoma OL Target Michael Fasusi Went from Soccer Player to 5-star Recruit

After moving to the United States in middle school, 5-star offensive lineman Michael Fasusi quickly picked up the game of football and has developed into one of the best high school players in the country.

Moving to America from Nigeria in middle school, 5-star offensive lineman Michael Fasusi didn’t even want to play football originally.

After telling middle school coaches he played soccer, Fasusi was confused when he found himself on a field full of players in pads.

Despite not playing football until middle school, the 6-foot-5, 300-pound athlete quickly became a dominant offensive tackle, saying that his soccer background helped him develop his footwork in the trenches.

"I was kind of forced into (playing football). Eighth grade year, when I was new, they were like 'What sport do you want to play?' because I was a big kid. I wanted to play soccer, and the coach is like, 'Alright, follow me'. So I'm following him, and next thing I know... we're heading on the football field. I thought I was going to play soccer and then I saw everyone in pads," Fasusi told AllSooners. 

"For me, it was kind of strange at first, but because of my soccer feet, you know, the footwork was already there. It was kind of easy, you know, going into playing tackle; playing left tackle, right tackle, because the footwork already came. I was basically born with the footwork."

Now a junior in high school, Fasusi is rated the No. 11 overall player and the No. 3 offensive tackle in the 2025 recruiting class. With his impressive combination of size, footwork and power, the highly touted lineman has garnered over 35 scholarship offers from schools around the nation.

At the top of Fasusi’s list, however, are the Oklahoma Sooners.

Bill Bedenbaugh and his history of putting offensive lineman in the NFL has made quite an impression on Fasusi, who’s former teammate, Jaydan Hardy, is an early enroll in Norman beginning his first semester on the Sooners' football team.

"OU would be, like, on the top of all the schools right now," Fasusi told AllSooners on Tuesday. "Just my relationship with Coach Bedenbaugh, what they got going on over there, the culture."

Fasusi added that Bedenbaugh's reputation and track record of success were notable, and that the longtime o-line coach was planning to stop by Lewisville on Tuesday to visit him.

The Fighting Farmers’ head coach, Michael Odle, also seems to have a good relationship with Brent Venables and company, saying that he has had the opportunity to meet with the Oklahoma staff in Norman and in Lewisville.

Odle and Fasusi both said that one of the talented offensive lineman’s goals for the offseason is to develop into more of a leader in the locker room. Being a younger player who hasn’t played football as long as some of his teammates, Fasusi has previously led by example.

Heading into his senior season, however, Odle is hoping that the coveted prospect can develop into a vocal leader as well.

"We've challenged him in a leadership role to step up and be more more vocal, and he's done that," Odle told AllSooners. 

"He's encouraging the young guys, holding guys accountable, you know, if they fall short of our standard, and that's where he's just had a ton of growth. ... I think he's more adapted to his friends here and to our culture and to the language and just able to really come completely out of his shell to be the leader we want him to be."

The Fighting Farmers' head ball coach described his star o-linemanas a "skinny" freshman when he first saw him, still new to America and learning the game of football. 

Now, however, Odle says that Fasusi's athletic ability, worth ethic and personality have helped him develop into one of the best offensive lineman in the nation.

"With his rare blend of power, speed and athleticism, he's just a dominant player. And then to add on that, that his IQ is high, his work ethic is high, and he's a fun, great kid to be around and coach," Odle told AllSooners. 

"It just puts the cherry on top when you really go from being, you know, a really dominant player to elite. So that's kind of where we are with him. But man, it's exciting to watch his growth."

Odle says that Fasusi has grown in every aspect since arriving at Lewisville High School, adding that the 6-foot-5 offensive tackle has truly embraced that effort and hard work it takes to become a 5-star recruit and a successful high school football player.

"You talk about a skinny, you know, eighth grade, ninth grade kid who really didn't know the game of football. You know, new to the United States, and really, soccer was kind of the main sport. That's what his brother plays," Odle said. 

"So you saw just tremendous growth. That kid that really didn't know the game at all to a kid that was very coachable, bubbly, excited and just hard working, and just fell in love with the process and the game. And, of course, he has plenty of God given ability to go with it."

Despite Oklahoma being Fasusi’s top school, Bedenbaugh and the Sooners still have to beat out a handful of big-time programs to land the 5-star prospect.

Fasusi told AllSooners that he is also interested in Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas, Oregon and Florida and plans to visit the aforementioned schools. 

Still, OU is in a good spot with the Lewisville standout and should have a good chance at getting Fasusi on board in the 2025 class if they can close strong down the stretch.