Oklahoma State Announces New Safety Measures For Fans In Boone Pickens Stadium

Marshall Levenson

The past several days, the fate of college football has seemed uncertain but yesterday, the Big 12 announced they would move forward with the fall season.

This morning, the newly revised schedule was released for Oklahoma State and all of their Big 12 companions. 

Along with a new schedule, comes new measures that each team and stadium must follow in order to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Oklahoma State is one of many schools still planning on allowing fans, although a limited amount, in stadiums this fall. 

Oklahoma State has just released the guidelines in place for fans in Boone Pickens Stadium.  

  • Mobile ticketing and parking
    • No tickets or parking passes for the club level or main stadium bowl area will be printed and mailed from OSU Athletics.
    • Fans are encouraged to download their tickets and parking passes to their mobile device prior to arriving to Boone Pickens Stadium through their Account Manager.
    • If a printed option is preferred, then fans can print their tickets and parking pass from home, also through Account Manager.
    • For more, visit am.ticketmaster.com/okstate.
  • Additional spacing between seats
    • Adequate space is allotted between groups.
  • Mask requirement
    • Both Oklahoma State University and the city of Stillwater have ordinances in place for people to wear face coverings in public spaces in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. This applies to Boone Pickens Stadium, as well.
    • Acceptable face coverings include R95, KN95, dust masks, procedural masks, cotton bandanas, neck gaiters, running buffs and some tightly woven scarves. Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.
  • No tailgating
    • Tailgating is prohibited on the campus of Oklahoma State University.
  • POSSE Parking
    • Lots open 2 1/2 hours before kickoff.
  • Clear bag policy
    • Fans are limited to one bag per person with a small clutch bag for privacy.
      • Approved For Entry
        • Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags no larger than 12" x 6" x 12"
        • Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC drawstring bags no larger than 12" x 12"
        • Clear one-gallon storage bags.
        • A small clutch purse approximately the size of a hand with or without a handle or strap. The largest permissible size is 4.5" x 6.5"
      • Permitted with Inspection
        • Diaper bags with an accompanying child will be searched and tagged upon entry.
        • Bags larger than approved sized for medical necessities will be searched and tagged upon entry.
  • Hand sanitizers
    • Several new hand sanitizing stations are installed throughout the stadium for fan use.
  • Concession stands
    • Plexiglas has been added to concession stands and to portable points of sale throughout Boone Pickens Stadium.
  • Common Areas
    • The cool zone area on the plaza level in the west end zone – a popular area for fans on game day – is closed in order to discourage large gatherings.

It is currently unsure how many fans will be allowed but if it follows the path of some other Big 12 schools, the number will likely be around 25% capacity, which would be roughly 15,000 fans. 

With the first game of the season now scheduled for September 12 as the Cowboys take on Tulsa University in Boone Pickens Stadium, more information will be coming out soon for fans in regards to ticket sales and other important information for fans. 

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"By instituting these self-debasing measures we will prevent... ah... wait... no... ah... we can... ah... well... hhmmm...

By instituting these measures we will make ourselves look like we're doing some PC something."

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Attempting to prevent the unpreventable is somewhat reminiscent of Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: "doing the same thing expecting different results".


A World influenced by far too many Zombie Apocalypse Movies and TV Shows.


"Do you go 75 mph through a school zone"

Likening that to not wearing a mask????


I think he said that safety measures can be appropriate even if you don't personally agree with it.

High Def  Poke
High Def Poke

If you don’t have the capacity restricted numbers from OSU officially stated it is best not to throw out an arbitrary number like 25%. Just wait until the official number is released by OSU.


If you fear the virus stay home. Let those of us who aren't worried about sitting with fans who test at the gate fever free, GO TO THE GAME! Common sense.