What is Lane Kiffin's Plan for John Rhys Plumlee Moving Forward?

Nate Gabler

John Rhys Plumlee was a quarterback and running back and a wide receiver for Ole Miss on Saturday. He wasn't very effective in either role as Matt Corral seemed to prove himself as the team's starter. 

So what exactly is Lane Kiffin's plan for last year's breakout star moving forward? 

"We probably would've seen more of John (in a closer game)," Kiffin said. "With Matt playing so well and being behind, we kind of went solely with Matt there. Had Matt not been playing so well and us not being so far behind, you probably would've seen more of John."

As a whole, Corral threw the ball 31 times for 395 yards and three touchdowns, turning the ball over once on a pass tipped at the line of scrimmage. He currently leads the SEC in yards per attempt.

Meanwhile, Plumlee attempted just one pass, which he completed for three yards. He also ran the ball four times for only four yards and was targeted twice in the passing game, catching one of those targets for six yards.

Plumlee will likely continue to see this variable role in the offense. His two targets in the passing game is more than Jonathan Mingo, Braylon Sanders, Tylan Knight and Snoop Connor had on the day. 

Sure, Plumlee's pure athleticism might make him a competent receiver, but he's not Jonathan Mingo and he's not Braylon Sanders. The value for having Plumlee on the field at receiver is comes in having both him and Corral on the field together. 

"We did it early to give them problems, make them do what we call burn chalk," Kiffin said. "They have to figure out how to play every defense against that with two guys in. Sometimes one was the quarterback and sometimes the other was the quarterback."

If Matt Corral continues to play this well, there's won't be many (if any) snaps as a pure quarterback for John Rhys Plumlee. 

But he is going to have a role in the offense.

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