Which Receiver, Outside of Elijah Moore, Is Stepping Up For Ole Miss?

Nate Gabler

Ole Miss has a solidified No. 1 at wide receiver. Everyone else is a solid question mark. 

Elijah Moore caught 67 passes for 850 yards one season ago as a sophomore. Every single other receiver on the Ole Miss team combined for 866 yards, with no other individual topping 192 yards. 

Ole Miss is in a clear search for their No. 2 receiver, outside of Moore. When asking the coaching staff on Monday who's stepped up to fill that role, there seemed to be one name that stood out above the others. 

"(Jonathan) Mingo has done a great job of working every single day and being in the building and spending time," said Ole Miss offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby. "It's been incredibly important to him. He's done a good job."

With Elijah Moore playing almost exclusively in the slot in three and four receiver sets, Ole Miss will be in search of two receivers to fill the X and Y starting roles. Mingo seems to be the leader in the clubhouse for one of those outside starting spots.

But the Rebels are going to need more than just Mingo to step up.

Lebby said that, in an ideal world, Ole Miss will play seven or eight receivers when they open the season on Sept. 26 against Florida. It's a team that wants to play fast and maximize snaps. Having quality depth at those skill positions will be critical.

"There are six or seven other guys, and I don't want to leave anybody off, that are just battling and competing and trying to fight their way into being those six or seven guys that are going to be on the grass when we start playing every Saturday," Lebby said. "As a room, as a whole. we've got to find a way to create depth. It's incredibly important the way we're going to play with our tempo and our speed. We need all of those guys to continue to come."

Outside of Mingo, Braylon Sanders is the obvious name to fill in the other starting outside receiving role – he just needs to stay healthy.

Sanders, a senior from Georgia, appeared in eight games last season but spent the entire season battling hamstring injuries. He was healthy in maybe two of the games he saw action in, often attempting to get going before bowing out mid-way through games.

Dontario Drummond and Dannis Jackson are others to keep an eye on that could make a big leap.

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