New Stat Shows that Justin Herbert is Among the Most Accurate QBs in the Nation

Zachary Neel

We all know that Oregon QB Justin Herbert is good at football, but a new stat shows just how good he is, and what exactly it is that makes him so dynamic as a passer. 

According to Sport Source Analysis, Herbert ranks in the top 5 in the nation when it comes to passes thrown that have a chance to be picked off, with just 1.3% of his balls being considered 'up for grabs.' Herbert ranks fourth in the nation in that category, behind names like Ohio State's Justin Fields, Kent State's Dustin Crum, and Western Kentucky's Ty Storey. 

With just one interception on the season, compared to his 21 touchdowns, Herbert has shown the ability to keep possession of the ball and mitigate the risks downfield. While some NFL scouts actually see interceptions thrown as a positive when the number is not staggering due to the QBs propensity to take high-risk, high-reward throws down the field, Herbert has been able to avoid the risk entirely, while still finding success through the air. 

With 81.5% of his passes being deemed 'catchable,' Herbert also ranks in the top 5 in the nation at that category, with it being the third-highest percentage in the nation, behind only LSU's Joe Burrow, and Utah's Tyler Huntley. 

So far this season, Herbert has completed 68.1% of his passes, but that number is below 70% due to his receivers' lack of sure-hands at points throughout the season. While the senior quarterback has been working to get into a rhythm with some new pass catchers, like Mycah Pittman, Juwan Johnson, and Bryan Addison, that number is sure to go up as the season progresses, and the players begin to develop a rapport over time. 

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Huge Duck fan here, but c'mon let's be honest. A huge percentage of Herbert's passes are high percentage easy bubble screens and dump passes behind the line of scrimmage. These pad his numbers significantly. To ignore this is to either be drinking too much cool aid, or to seek to fluff up the fan base. Go Ducks.

J Hager
J Hager

Exactly why they are 6-1