Oregon's Comeback Victory Over Washington Feels Like the Start of a New Chapter for the Ducks

Zachary Neel

If there were times during halftime and the third quarter that you thought Oregon would surely let this chance at a solid top-25 victory slip away, you weren't alone. This felt like a game that the Ducks could easily lose, and we've seen the script play out many times before. 

It may not have been a perfect game, but all the No. 12 Oregon Ducks needed on Saturday was a near-perfect 4th quarter in order to complete an impressive comeback victory over the No. 25 Washington Huskies. 

After falling behind by two scores right out of the gates after halftime, the Ducks were able to find their way back to center, readjust to the run-heavy scheme that the Huskies were throwing at them, and find a way to mount a comeback for the ages in a storied rivalry between two teams that have few kind things to say about each other. 

After the win, Oregon's receiver Jaylon Redd, who scored two touchdowns, including the game-winner with 3:26 left in the game, said that it was the Ducks' extensive preparation that won them the game in the end. 

"I feel like as a unit as an offense and as a defense, as a team as a whole, I feel like we never got down on ourselves. You know we were down, we always feel like we got another opportunity to get back in it. I feel like we've been through this. We won this game on Tuesday. Honestly, we've been practicing against each other as hard as we can. We just know at the end of the day you gotta finish and that's the word this week."

After the vaunted Oregon defense got knocked to the dirt early in the game by allowing 21 points in the first half, and 28 early on in the 3rd quarter, the Ducks were put into a position that many fans have seen before. As the clear-cut better team coming into the game, an array of adverse circumstances was hurled their way, looking to knock them off course, and ultimately out of the College Football Playoff contention. In years past, we've seen the Ducks accept this fate and let the upset roll on, but on Saturday in Seattle, a new leaf felt like it was turned over. 

Rather than allowing the opposing team to continue building momentum on their way to a win, the Ducks seized the moment and found a way to emerge victorious. After falling victim to Auburn's second-half comeback in Week 1 of this season, it was the Ducks who learned from their mistakes and proved down the stretch that they were the superior team.

The win felt a little bit sweeter because of the numerous times in the past that Oregon has let games like this slip away. This game was different; the Ducks know that their moment to make something happen is now, and they're doing everything they can to see that through.