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Who's Next for Oregon Following Cristobal's Departure?

Cristobal is official off to Miami. Now what?

The cat's out of the bag. Mario Cristobal will be Miami's next head coach, returning to the Sunshine State to lead the Hurricanes program in hopes of restoring it to its former glory.

What that means for Oregon, is that the football program is now without an offensive coordinator and a head coach. If I'm Rob Mullens, here are a few names I'm trying to get on the phone as soon as possible. 

Joe Brady-Former Carolina Panthers Offensive Coordinator

The Carolina Panthers just let him go on Sunday and he's one of the brightest young offensive minds in college football.

He's a name that would drum up a lot of positive buzz for Oregon given how vanilla Oregon's offense has looked in the previous two seasons and how limited the Ducks were despite playing with who is now one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in Justin Herbert. At its recent peaks, Oregon's identity has been rooted in offensive excellence and Brady could help the Ducks attract more elite weapons on offense.

Even if his brief time with the Panthers ended in being let go, I think being with an NFL operation only increases his value as a college coach.

Dave Aranda-Baylor Head Coach

Aranda and Baylor just won the Big 12 this weekend and are reportedly in talks on a contract extension, but nothing is set in stone as of Monday morning. Aranda seems very pleased in Waco but I think most coaches in the country would be inclined to listen when a school like Oregon comes calling. 

Aranda was very successful calling defenses at LSU and that translated on to the field at Baylor. A guy like him also brings connections to the South from his time at Baton Rouge, which is obviously very beneficial for future recruiting efforts. 


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Matt Campbell- Iowa State Head Coach

Campbell a guy that's been in courted by other program across the country in the past, but who knows if he'd ever actually leave Ames? For what it's worth, it appeared Lincoln Riley steadfast in staying at Oklahoma and look how that ended up.

With Campbell, you know you have a guy with proven success as a head coach and someone who can develop players and get the most out of them. He gets his players to buy in to his message and has consistently fielded competitive teams full of players ready to run through a wall for him. 

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