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PODCAST: Where USC and UCLA's Departure Leaves Oregon

USC and UCLA are headed to the Big Ten in 2024 as the Pac-12 continues to fall apart.
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On Thursday it became official that USC and UCLA would be joining the Big Ten conference in 2024, after their applications were accepted by the conference.

This move will have a devastating impact on the Pac-12 as the conference of champions loses its two schools with the biggest market in Los Angeles. The conference was already heading in the wrong direction after former commission Larry Scott's dreadful handling of so many things during his tenure.

Just last year it looked like there was hope for a brighter future under George Kliavkoff, but those hopes just took a massive hit. 

Now Oregon is undoubtedly the top remaining brand in the Pac-12, but faces an uncertain future. Will the Ducks try to follow USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, a conference that has established itself as the clear No. 2 to the SEC? Would Oregon be the only other Pac-12 school the Big Ten would poach? Does the Big Ten even want Oregon?

Ducks Dish host Max Torres and Graham Metzker tackle all of those questions and more in the latest episode of the podcast, available in both audio and video form.

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