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Where's the Best NFL Fit for Micah Parsons? Jim Mora Explains

Micah Parsons will make any team better. But whose defense does he fit best? NFL analyst Jim Mora has an idea.

Which team offers Micah Parsons the best fit in this week's NFL Draft? Jim Mora suggested that might be the Denver Broncos.

Denver has the ninth overall pick in Thursday's first round, a spot Mora called "maybe a little rich, maybe a little early" for the former Penn State linebacker. But Mora, the former NFL head coach and current analyst, said that Denver head coach Vic Fangio and defensive coordinator Ed Donatell would be able to use Parsons' talents wisely.

"If you look at Vic's career and some of the linebackers he has coached, ... he has a creative way of using players and puts them in the best positions possible to accentuate what they do best and is able to kind of hide what their weaknesses are," Mora said.

Parsons certainly fits a defensive need for the Broncos, who ranked 25th in points allowed last season. Mile High Huddle, the SI site that covers Denver, said "Parsons certainly fits a major need, but not everyone thinks you should take an off-ball linebacker in the top-10."

Mora, however, considers Parsons among the best defensive players in the draft, that rare player who can defend both the pass and run and rush the quarterback. As a result, Mora sees Fangio and Donatell eager to stage Parsons' skill in a variety of ways.

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"[Fangio's] not going to be stubborn in terms of trying to make someone do something they don’t do well, and he’s going to work every single week to create mismatches for his player against the opponent," Mora said. "He’s going to put him in positions where he can create havoc.

"I think that’s a great spot for [Parsons]. I think it's a good pick for the Broncos at 9, and I think it’s a great spot for Parsons to end up. I think he’ll be utilized correctly."

Check out the video above to hear Mora's thoughts on Parsons and Denver.

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