For Sports Agent Buddy Baker, COVID-19 Takes Both of His Parents on Same Day


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Buddy Baker's parents were married for 51 years, and they shared a wonderful life together. And on Sunday, they both passed away just minutes apart from complications due to the COVID-19 virus.

Baker, a sports agent who is a Purdue graduate who worked in the basketball program for Gene Keady in the 1990s and currently represents Matt Painter and several NFL players, posted a heartbreaking video on Twitter Tuesday, talking about his parents' death

“My parents recently contracted COVID-19 and unfortunately passed away this past Sunday due to complications,” Baker said in the video. “My parents were amazing people. They were married 51-plus years and they passed away six minutes apart.

“Just a few weeks ago, they were in perfect health.”

For many during this coronavirus pandemic, there has been distance between themselves and victims, but as it continues to run rampant in many parts of the country, it's hitting home hard for some, Baker included. Losing both parents just a few minutes apart — and not being able to be with them — has to be gut-wrenching.

No one is safe from the intensity of this virus.

“We live in a world of, ‘It can’t happen to me, it can’t happen to us, it can’t happen to my family.’ Well, it happened to us," he said. "I’d like to take this time to make people start thinking about making a change.”

That's why Baker made sure to talk to people about staying safe — and staying home.

“Sometimes people — especially young people — can feel like they’re immune to something or invincible,” Baker said. “That’s simply not the case. It’s not the easy choice, but it’s the right choice. It’s the safe choice.

“Hopefully, this can be a catalyst for a change.”