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Peach State Standout Kaleb Webb Previews Upcoming Decision

2022 wide receiver Kaleb Webb of McEachern High School (Ga.)will announce his college decision later this week. One of the most sought-after wide receivers in the nation, Webb is down to three schools, including Louisville, Michigan, and Tennessee. Prior to his announcement Webb discussed each finalist with Sports Illustrated All-American as he continues to work towards making the final decision. 

On Louisville: I feel like Coach Satterfield is starting to change the program around now that he has been there for 3-4 years. I kind of feel like this is the year that he has really started to turn the program around. I really like the receiver's coach, Coach Brewer. I feel like he could develop me really well. He has coached in the NFL as well as college, so I feel like he knows what to look for. And, the offense they run is a pro-style offense, so if I were to go to the next level, I would say it would be an easier transition. Also, it is not too far from home and having the chance of getting on the field early while playing college football in the ACC.   

On Michigan: First, they are arguably the best team in America. They have a great team, and Coach Harbaugh is leading them in the right direction right now. He is a great coach and great players coach as well. I feel that when I went up there, he got along with the players as well. He is an honest and fair coach, and that is someone that I would want to lead me. I feel like Coach Gattis could really be explosive with that offense they have in the future with J.J. McCarthy and Andrel Anthony. Really it is I just feel like that program could be a powerhouse, and I could contribute to it. 

On Tennessee: You know they are an upcoming program as well. Coach Heupel, I feel like he is taking the team in the right direction. They competed against some really good teams this year, like Ole Miss and Alabama, but they, unfortunately, couldn't pull it out. I feel like in the next few years; they are going to win those games. Coach Heupel has an explosive offense, and I feel like I could make an impact as a freshman if I was to go there, and it would help me get to the next level. 

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Webb had previously announced his intentions to announce his decision on Thursday, but he could wait and announce in front of his peers at McEachern on Friday, depending on how things unfold. Regardless, he plans to have a final decision made on where he wants to go by in the morning. 

"I just want to find a school that is going to allow me to put up the best numbers as possible while playing quality competition," Webb said of what the main focus will be in the final few hours of his recruitment. "I just want to put myself in a situation where I can get a fair chance to play and play as early as possible. I would say that is really it, and just making sure my parents are good with my decision as well."