Below is a personal message from South Carolina men's basketball coach on his experience with COVID-19.

Over the last few months, our country and most of the world have experienced an unprecedented medical crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken many lives and has affected many in our community and it has shown that it does not discriminate and can affect any one of us, including me.

Early last month, in preparation for a knee replacement surgery, I took a COVID-19 test on May 8. Two days later I received results that I had tested positive. I was shocked; I didn't have any symptoms, other than feeling a bit fatigued, and I immediately entered quarantine at my home. I'm thankful to say that I did not have to be hospitalized.

My immediate concern was for my family, who I have been with every single day since mid-March, and if I had infected them; would they develop symptoms, would they have to be hospitalized; the anxiety, guilt, and general angst I experienced after testing positive was overwhelming. Thanks to God's will, a week later my family all tested negative, and I'm thankful to tell you that on May 23, my follow-up test results also came back negative. I can't thank my wife, Anya, and my children enough for the love and support and care they have shown me. I'm so thankful and appreciative for the wellbeing of my family and my personal health at this time, and I've thought and reflected on the many families who have not been as fortunate.

I'm in awe of the medical professionals and first responders who continue to courageously battle the Coronavirius everyday and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I'm blessed to work for amazing leaders in President Caslen, and our University leadership, and I know how incredibly hard they are working to prepare our campus for the months ahead. I've thought so much about our students, the faculty and staff and everyone who make our campus so special. And I'm so proud to call Columbia and South Carolina home. This experience is still very raw, so let's keep being patient as we continue to move towards normalcy.

We have a responsibility to protect, help and care for each other. Let's continue to educate ourselves about this virus, and follow the advice of medical professionals and do what we can to prevent the spread. Please reach out to your families and your friends who may be self-isolating, particularly the elderly, so they have someone to talk to and someone to listen. Let's take care of each other and let's keep those who are suffering from this disease and those nurses, doctors and first responders who are fighting for us in our prayers.