NCAA Oversight Committee Working To Start Football Practice In Mid-July

Many schools hit the field for workouts this past week, but could more COVID-19 outbreaks put a damper in July practice plans?
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The NCAA Division I Oversight Committee is working to get football players on the field for practice by mid-July according to Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger.

But spikes in coronavirus outbreaks in different states could put a damper in those plans. Last week it was reported that the Alabama Crimson Tide had at least five players test positive for the virus.

South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp spoke to the media Monday after his team held workouts and said he’s not concerning himself with other teams.

“I’m just worried about South Carolina and our football team, that’s all I can control,” he said.

He later noted that a lot of conversations took place to ensure the safety of the student-athletes.

“I was involved in the conversations, but believe me, I'm a football coach not a doctor so we called the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer,” he said. “Obviously we talked a lot to our counterparts in the Southeastern Conference to formulate a plan on the safest way to bring our student athletes back on campus. And again they wouldn't be back if we didn't think it was safe.”

The Gamecocks are meeting with the strength and conditioning staff throughout the month of June and still awaiting word as to when position meetings can take place.

 “The only time we can meet with our players our own virtual and Zoom calls. I'll continue to work our installation continue to work through some topics with our football team,” Muschamp said. “There is not a July calendar yet set by the NCAA of when we're going to be able to meet with our players. So I don't know when that's going to happen. Obviously, we're working with a couple different models and preparing for those things but although when that's going to happen.”

Players received testing last week prior to starting workouts and Muschamp said the process was thorough and the results are confidential.

“We had covid-19 testing and antibody testing and physicals last week. I'm not going to address any positives that we could have couldn’t have her if we had any we have if we did have any positives, we have protocols in place for them to be quarantined and we've got a good plan set for that.”