Nebraska State Patrol's Internal Investigation Determines No Racial Profiling During Marcus Lattimore Traffic Stop

Chaunte'l Powell

The Nebraska State Patrol conducted an internal investigation based on the complaint lodged by former South Carolina Gamecock Marcus Lattimore and his wife Miranda after a traffic stop earlier this month.

The investigation was completed last week and determined that there was no racial profiling.

A report written by the NSP’s communications department stated that the Lattimores were pulled over for “speeding and violating the Move Over law as it passed another trooper who was conducting a different traffic stop.”

The report went on to say a nearby NSP K9 unit was requested to do an outside sniff of the vehicle.

In the report, NSP asserts that “troopers explained that their procedures were consistent with drug investigations and engaged Mr. Lattimore in casual conversation. Mrs. Lattimore was allowed to remain in their vehicle until the K9 arrived.”

NSP noted that the vehicle was not searched and Marcus received a citation for violating the Move Over law and a warning for speeding.

The NSP maintains that the traffic stop and the K9 sniff were standard procedure and not a result of racial bias.

“The Nebraska State Patrol stands behind our trooper in the strongest way possible,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol said in a statement issued by the department. “This trooper conducted himself in a professional manner throughout the entire traffic stop. NSP takes all complaints seriously, especially any of the gravity of racial profiling, which is why this case was investigated thoroughly and expeditiously. We believe the Lattimores have a right to express their frustration, however the accusation that this stop occurred as a result of racial bias is not supported by the facts.”

Below is the Lattimore’s recount of the situation:




Chaunte'l Powell

Chaunte'l Powell