A Look At What Would've Been The Spring Scrimmage PT 2

Chaunte'l Powell

This weekend Gamecock fans would've gotten a taste of what the Mike Bobo offense would look like in South Carolina.

While the annual spring scrimmage didn't happen, here's what we know so far. 

-Bobo wants a balanced attack. In terms of the quarterback battle.

-Ryan Hilinksi is the favorite, but Luke Doty had been impressive.

-Running back Marshawn Lloyd also had a strong showing during the spring, garnering comparisons to Georgia running back D'Andre Swift. 

Bobo offenses have traditionally been tailored to suit the NFL bound running backs on the roster, but he said during his introductory press conference that his time at Colorado State forced him to become more creative with how he uses his personnel and he’ll bring that same mindset to South Carolina.

He noted that his primary focus with Hilinski is to help him become more fundamentally sound and he feels the Gamecocks’ run game could help him with that.

“I'm excited about [Hilinksi]. I see a guy that's got some talent. I see a guy that went through some growing pains, being a freshman,” Bobo said. “And we got to do things to help him and some of that is the run game and some of that is protection but had a chance to sit down with him on three occasions already and he's going to be here.”

While Bobo doesn’t have a definite plan for his current roster, particularly his quarterbacks, yet, he mapped out a general framework.

“You know, the base philosophy is we want to be balanced, we want to run the ball, we want to play with a tight end and have a tight end side running game and a play action game,” he said. “But at the same time we got to get the guys that we identify as play makers. We got to get them the ball in their hands and that's one possession, quite frankly, you lose two running backs, you lose two receivers, number 89, Edwards right?”

“[Brian] Edwards was a heck of a player. So, we're going to have some young guys playing at those positions but I do believe you can have young guys come in and play at the running back position and the receiver position and be successful early on.”

He added that he will adapt to whatever style of play works best.

“Whatever it takes for us to move the ball and not turn it over and put points on the board, that's going to be our style,” he said.

Question of the day: what do you think the Mike Bobo offense will look like for South Carolina?