Adrian Autry Excited for Team Despite Pandemic

Tawny Davis

The Covid-19 pandemic really hit the team this year when it comes to practices, with only a certain amount of time for the team to go in and practice before they are required to leave. One of the biggest impacts, according to assistant head coach Adrian Autry, is the personal time the players would spend on their own to improve their game. “Normally our guys can get in here and work on their game without us,” said Autry, “they also used to have a chance to stay in and have access to the gym but now that is not the case this year with our protocols.”

Despite the pandemic and with a new season approaching, many players having a chance to step up this year. With all players really working on improving on their many talents, Autry says he cannot decide who will take the biggest step and lead the team. “We have like 3 or four guys that can really step up this year like Buddy, who is our returning leading scorer or Zo who so far who has really increased his range and Quincey who is really getting back into form,” said Autry, “so right now it’s really hard to pinpoint who will take the lead this year.”

Even though the basketball season may be a few months away, all Autry is really expecting is that the team gets to play this season but knows that they have to be prepared for anything. “We just want to be ready from the beginning and try to play to the best of our abilities and try to win some games,” said Autry, “this year is going to be different and you don’t know how many game you’re going to get in so the biggest thing to is be really ready right from the go.”