Coach Boeheim talks about the players missing in action in post game conference

Despite missing players, Quincy Guerrier and Marek Dolezaj stepped to play
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Right before tip off of Syracuse athletics made the announcement that one member of the men's basketball team tested positive for Covid-19. Because of that, a few others, including Buddy Boeheim had to miss out on tonights game. Despite that, Syracuse were able to come away with a convincing win against Niagara.

Coach Boeheim said in the post game conference that the player who did test positive was away and was not in contact with the team. He did talk about what this meant for his son Buddy Boeheim,

"In this case, Buddy suffered and I'm not talking as his coach but as his father, he worked his tail off everyday since last season to be on the court."

Teammates Quincey Guerrier and Marek Dolezaj also spoke about how when they found out and how they felt about going into the game without Buddy

"We found out today and we were worried about him," said Dolezaj, "but we had other players who can play and we won which is the most important but we hope he can come back soon"

Guerrier spoke on how for this season, the team has to be ready for anything. "Everyone has to be ready, I think the freshman really stepped up but it is probably going to be like that the whole season so everybody has to be ready and that's it."

Both players talked about how the rest of the team stepped up to play this game despite not having all players on the roster. They are very proud of the freshman who played tonight and they both know that there will probably be games like that the rest of the season.