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Pace Postgame: Jesse Edwards, Benny Williams

The Syracuse basketball players discuss their performances and the team as a whole.

Jesse Edwards on offensive weapons. 

"We work in practice on trying to incorporate everybody into the offense," Edwards said. "Because we have a lot of talented guys. Offensively and defensively. Definitely we're trying to get everybody some touches." 

Jesse Edwards on four blocks against Pace. 

"It's a combination," Edwards said. "You get to know when you get the chance. When to jump, when not to jump. Also, just like on offense, it's something we've been working on. It's just something I got more comfortable with on the defensive end. Knowing the timing." 

Benny Williams on the Syracuse guards. 

"When you look around the country, you don't see guards that can shoot it as well as our guards can," Williams said. "That's really what it comes down to." 

Benny Williams on his first game. 

"I think I had a good game for my first game," Williams said. "Rebounded well. I think I can shoot the ball better. I definitely got my teammates involved. As long as my teammates are happy and we won, that's all that matters."

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Benny Williams on family being at the game. 

"Family is my biggest fan," Williams said. "Him (dad) my grandfather and my mother? Biggest fan. I know his voice so I can hear him. And he was close." 

Benny Williams on getting more shots. 

"Shots will come," Williams said. "Just keep working on my shot and I know it'll fall. I've worked on it and I know it'll fall."

Benny Williams on coming off the bench. 

"For sure (I can thrive in the sixth man role)," Williams said. "Anything to help my team win. Everybody keeps talking about me or Jimmy starting. At the end of the day, me and Jimmy both know we're going to do anything to help our team win. If that's me coming off the bench, that's fine with me. I'm going to play my role to the best of my ability." 

Benny Williams on chemistry with Jimmy Boeheim. 

"Just working with each other," Williams said. "Our workouts this summer. Just being around each other. We work out with each other all the time."