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Founder of Elam Ending Picks Boeheim's Army to Win TBT

Boeheim's Army will be a popular pick to win the $1 million prize.

Nick Elam, founder of the Elam Ending, is picking Boeheim's Army to win the 2021 The Basketball Tournament. Nick has Boeheim's Army beating Sideline Cancer in the championship game. 

Boeheim's Army has loaded up the roster this year, adding two of the winningest TBT players in its history. DeAndre Kane and DJ Kennedy, who both won multiple TBT titles, have joined Boeheim's Army this year with Overseas Elite not participating. Kane and Kennedy join a roster that also includes Eric Devendorf, Tyler Lydon, Malachi Richardson, Chris McCullough, CJ Fair, Tyrese Rice, Paschal Chukwu, Andrew White and Keifer Sykes. 

Boeheim's Army has typically fielded a roster that includes only former Syracuse players. There has been the occasional non-Orange alum, but never before like what is on the roster this year. Four non-Syracuse players is a lot when you evaluate Boeheim's Army roster historically. That said, there are still seven former Syracuse players on it, giving it a large Orange feel. 

The willingness to add talented players from other means shows that Boeheim's Army is flat out going all in on a TBT championship. That is why they will be one of, if not the, favorite. Nick Elam's prediction will be similar to many others. 

The Elam Ending, created by Nick, has been used by TBT since 2018. The Elam Ending dictates that at the first stoppage after the four minute mark of the fourth quarter, a target score is created by taking the score of the team in the lead and adding points to it. In 2018, seven points were added while in 2019 that number was changed to eight. A team then wins by hitting the target score first. 

This type of ending eliminates slowing down play at the end of games and free throw shooting in the final minute in an attempt for the trailing team to make a comeback. It has been met with mixed reviews, but seems to work for TBT.