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Jimmy Boeheim Discusses Transition to Syracuse

The son of the legendary head coach will be repping the Orange this season.

All Syracuse caught up with Syracuse forward Jimmy Boeheim about his transition from Cornell, relationship with Buddy, and the upcoming season. 

Q: Does Buddy’s new commercial career fit his personality?

Jimmy Boeheim: It does. He’s the goofiest kid I know. Acts like a ten year old half the time. Loves Spongebob; it definitely fits his personality.

Q: Working on anything together?

Jimmy Boeheim: We’re working on some stuff here and there. Nothing in particular, but I think sooner or later some stuff will come out along that line, so I’m excited for it. It will be cool.

Q: Who is the better player?

Jimmy Boeheim: Better player? I can’t answer that! [Laughing] You know, we’re both good players, but I can’t answer that.

Q: Being at Cornell and coming to a big program like Syracuse, is that an adjustment?

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Jimmy Boeheim: I never felt like it. I mean, being at Cornell we played three or four of those non-mid-major games every year, and I always circled those and looked forward to them. Just trying to prove the player I am, stuff like that. Those games have always been really fun for me and it's just on a more consistent basis here, which I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to the challenge; I think I’m ready for it, ready to attack those nights with these guys. It’ll be alotta fun.

Q: Do you think you have a better understanding of the 2-3 zone by being Jim’s son?

Jimmy Boeheim: Growing up, watching your whole life and watching games with him, I think I kinda knew what to expect. But I’ve learned a ton these last couple months about the zone and just playing in it every day. I think I knew a little bit, but obviously I’ve grown a lot these last couple of months in terms of defense.

Q: How do you think you’ll transition offensively into the system?

Jimmy Boeheim: I think I fit in really well. It’s so much fun playing with these guys. We’ve got shooters all over the floor. We got Benny, a freak athlete, a great young player. I mean the big guys...It’s just fun to play with all these guys and I think I fit in well. It’s been fun being able to create shots for these guys and just playing alongside them. It’s awesome and I feel like I fit in well. I’m really excited to see how it goes.

Q: Have you passed any advice down to Benny, being a veteran player?

Jimmy Boeheim: As two forwards, we worked out every morning this summer with Coach Autry. It’s just been really fun working out with him every morning, seeing how hard he works. He’s got a great attitude, great kid. Obviously, being older and he’s younger coming in, I try to help him when I can. He’s already so far ahead already, so you don’t always need to. Just trying to give him tips here and there that I think he’s taken and worked on. Like I said, it’s been a lot of fun playing with him. He’s a great player and he’ll have a great career here.

Q: Does today feel like the first day of school?

Jimmy Boeheim: That’s a great comparison, honestly. Obviously, playing in the Dome a few years with Cornell was really cool in its own right. But to now be on the good guys side, I guess you could say, I’m really looking forward to tonight [at Syracuse Tip Off]. I know the fans are excited to be back in the Dome and I know the guys are excited to have them. Yeah, it’ll be a lot of fun.