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Syracuse Football Practice #10

The Orange are almost halfway through camp, what is good with the team and what improvements should be made?

Syracuse Football started off practice today with the “Smooth” transition into the stretching portion of practice. The “Smooth” reference refers to the song “Smooth” by Santana ft. Rob Thomas. The song was then led by tons of urgency in which the Orange carried throughout the practice.

The pre-practice period was broken up into individual groups and special teams. The defensive line was working on block shedding, as well as finishing the drill with their upfield hand up to disrupt the pass. Kingsley Johnathan, participated in drills and really assisted in developing and coaching up the other defensive linemen. Elijah Fuentes-Cundiff, is going into his freshman year but is displaying good hands and healthy hips in fitting right off the pass blockers backside. The freshman has an imposing stature as he stands at 6’4, 275lbs.

The emphasis on honing in on fundamentals was evident in pre-practice. The special teams section focused on blocking the punt. The primary focus of the drill was to split the shield of the punt team and block the punt without rushing the punter. In running the drill, coaches harped on eyes and hand placement when attempting to block the punt.

Syracuse football is now in the crux of camp with this being practice #10. Although the Orange are almost halfway through camp, Coach Babers explains that camp is not close to over.

“We got a bunch of time before the first game,” Babers said. “We have repped a whole bunch of people and now we’re going to start sharpening the pencil and getting ready to write some notes.”

The constant process of evaluation is underway in Syracuse. As camp gets closer and closer to its end, the Orange will have found the players that make them click.