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Sean Tucker Talks to the Media About the Big Win Over UAlbany

Syracuse's Running Back Talks to the Media After a Record Breaking Day

Reporter: “What were you seeing in the Albany defense that allowed you to get some of the big runs that you had?

Sean Tucker: “I was just seeing a lot of my o-line blocking, they were blocking hard all game and opening up holes for me to get up to the second level and just run by everybody.”

Reporter: “How has Coach Schmidt and the offensive line help you run?”

Tucker: “I think Coach Schmidt definitely was a bigger help and he’s definitely on those guys every day. They practice really hard and it definitely shows in the game?”

Reporter: “Four touchdowns rushing behind only Jim Brown who had six in a game in Syracuse history, what does that mean to you to have Jim [Brown] number one and now you’re number two in a single game?

Tucker: “It’s definitely a good feeling. Jim Brown’s definitely great and knowing that is a good feeling.”

Reporter: “So you were the leading rusher today as well as the leading receiver can you just take me through that and tell me what that meant to you?”

Tucker: “Like I said my o-line you know, it starts with them. Them getting the blocks for me throughout the game and allowing me to have holes and then on the passing side, them blocking from those screens and we just focus on catching the ball and getting down field.

Reporter: “After scoring seven last week and kind of feeling frustrated I know it’s not the same level of competition but how good did it feel for you guys to kind of bust out a little?”

Tucker: “It was definitely like a morale booster. You know coming off of a loss and then getting a win today, how we did was definitely a good feeling.

Reporter: “You’re around Babers all week and he talked about how you guys picked him up throughout the week. What did you see and getting this win for him after the week that he’s had?”

Tucker: “It was definitely a good win and just moving off from our loss that we had last week. Putting that in the past and focus on things to get better on and then coming out today.”

Reporter: “With Garrett Shrader and Tommy DeVito out there and seeing both of them these first three games, how do you get comfortable with that and what can you say kind of moving forward and having two different quarterbacks with different skill sets?”

Tucker: “I’d say it’s just during practice you know. I rep with both guys. For me, whoever’s in I feel good with it and I’m definitely ready to rock with him.”

Reporter: “Coaches talk a lot about how the run game is really the key to this offense. Now that you have seen what this could do after last year or the run game hasn’t been as good and maybe the offense hasn’t run. Do you feel comfortable now that this team can run the up tempo offense that coach wants to run that he’s been so known for?”

Tucker: “Yeah. Having that up tempo offense definitely is a good positive for us and it definitely puts together a team, gets them tired and we can just keep rolling while we’re still fresh.”

Reporter: “Congrats on the game. I don’t know if you’re aware of where you were with the record books, but you came really close to Jim Brown in 56. How much of a fight were you able to put up with Dino in the third to try and stay in the game?”

Tucker: “My position coach came in at halftime and he told me that I had one more series so once I heard that I was just trying to get us many more yard as possible before I came out.”

Reporter: “One of the things Dino [Babers] had said was he wanted to use today to evaluate the two quarterbacks. What does it mean to you to sort of be taking up the brunt of that load to be getting so many carries on the day when Dino does want to look at his quarterbacks?”

Tucker: “I say the load is not a problem for me. I like the load you know giving me the carries and gives me more opportunities to get yards and help my team win.”

Reporter: “There were a handful of holding calls which obviously negated I think a touchdown and a handful and a handful of your other ones. How do you go about handling that like what kind of conversation are you having with your o-linemen after that?”

Tucker: “I know those guys. They know what they’re doing. The coach is definitely going to correct some things, but I know things happen in the football game. I get penalties, I had one so just gotta get better and focus up.”

Reporter: “You had by far your most receiving yards in a game today. What have you done to improve that facet of your game?”

Tucker: “You know just working during practice throughout the weeks and then during like the off-season, just focusing on every parts of my game and catching was definitely one of them.”