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The AP Preseason Top 25 poll was released this week for Men’s Basketball, and there are three Big 12 teams in the Top 10 (#3 Kansas, #5 Texas, #8 Baylor). That is a bit of surprise since Baylor did win it all last year, but keep in mind, they lost a lot of talent in the offseason. But enough about those Bears down south of us. 

TCU was no where to be found in the Top 25, and not even in the outside receiving votes yet. There is a lot that the TCU Horned Frogs basketball has to prove this year. There are a lot of new players, so they have to put the world on notice of what their brand of basketball looks like. They have to show the world the chemistry they have, which is there. Don’t be surprised if you see a different TCU team than usual. Because they will be playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Here is the AP Top 25 College Men's Basketball poll:

1. Gonzaga


3. Kansas

4. Villanova

5. Texas

6. Michigan

7. Purdue

8. Baylor

9. Duke

10. Kentucky

11. Illinois

12. Memphis

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13. Oregon

14. Alabama

15. Houston

16. Arkansas

17. Ohio State

18. Tennessee

19. North Carolina

20. Florida State

21. Maryland

22. Auburn

23. St. Bonaventure

24. Connecticut

25. Virginia

Others receiving votes:

Michigan State 87, Indiana 41, USC 30, Arizona 26, Virginia Tech 25, Oklahoma State 25, Xavier 22, Texas Tech 17, Richmond 13, Rutgers 11, Colorado State 11, LSU 7, Belmont 7, San Diego State 5, St. John's 5, Mississippi State 5, Syracuse 5, Drake 4, Colorado 4, BYU 3, Notre Dame 3, Louisville 3

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