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At his weekly press conference, Coach Gary Patterson stated that there were issues with the offense not being more efficient in certain moments of the game, and the bad miscommunication defense had that caused them to get beat on several big plays. He said that Texas has versatility in their offense with an explosive back field in two great halfbacks and a legit dual-threat quarterback in Casey Thompson.

There is a new focus, per Patterson, instilled on both sides of the ball to help them overcome the high rolling Longhorns. It is a huge opportunity for the TCU offense to overpower Texas much like how Arkansas manhandled Texas. 

Patterson was also very keen on finding a new way to get the job done. "Gotta find a different way," he said. There are several coaches on the Longhorns staff that either coached at TCU or coached against TCU for several years. Therefore, Patterson said there is a strong focus on having a detailed game plan this week. This is very important for the Horned Frogs. Going into this week, Patterson is looking for versatility, good health, and players that are going to make plays, so that they can walk away with an important conference win.

Texas plays their next two games in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with the Red River Showdown against Oklahoma next week.  Patterson and the Horned Frogs want to make sure that their first weekend in the here is unpleasant with a loss to powerful Horned Frogs football team. Now, let's go cook this giant cow with horns on it and make some good hamburgers.

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