Dear Sooners,

I admit this game will be tough because I was once one of you. So, I adapted that song of yours to fit me: “I am a Sooner born and a Sooner bred, but when I die, I’ll be Horned Frog dead.” Granted, I did loudly cheer this weekend when you had that comeback and beat Texas in the Red River Showdown because, you see, my momma raised me right. She proudly wears her “I Hate Orange” shirt and her hate for the Longhorns was clearly hereditary.

So, congrats on that win. Seeing those cocky Longhorns go down is always nice. Almost, but not as good as, the times we get to see the best thing in college sports – Baylor Tears. You did come back from the largest deficit against Texas and ended up scoring the most points ever in that series. And probably are feeling the momentum from snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, but we have our momentum, too. Our running backs can haul, so watch out!

Poor Spencer. He enters the season as a Heisman hopeful. He struggles against West Virginia, and his own fans chant to bench him. He did okay the next week up in Manhattan, but then comes to Dallas, and it begins again. Sure, you let Texas get up early. But finally, Lincoln does it. He benches poor Spencer, and in comes true freshman Caleb Williams. And he entered the game wearing his Superman cape to save the day, and that’s exactly what he did.

And talking about momentum after you pulled off that last touchdown in the Cotton Bowl Saturday, you probably feel that nothing can stop you now: Nothing. That you’ll cruise to the Big 12 championship and on to the CFP only to face yet another SEC team in the semifinals – and choke. Again. You may think TCU is a cakewalk because we had lost two straight games, including one to SMU. But hey, you may want to re-think that. SMU may end up being the best team TCU faces all season. Tanner Mordecai is having an incredible year. Come December, the finalists that gather in New York for the Heisman presentation just may include a guy who was on your roster as a quarterback in recent years, it just won’t be Spencer!

Are you ready for what your future holds? I’ll give you a preview – more losses to SEC teams. Even though most of the Horned Frog Nation’s anger, frustration, and grief these last few months was directed to that school down there in Austin, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you and your role in all this. Whether or not you were the annoying big brother who convinced his pain in the butt kid brother to join in on your pranks, or if you were the subservient whipping boy to the Longhorns, you were still complicit.

We can’t say it enough. We said it two weeks ago when Texas came to town. Now it’s your turn. In case this is the last time we play each other for the foreseeable future, you need to know how your other Big 12 siblings feel.

On behalf of seven of the remaining Irate Eight (I absolutely refuse to speak for or have anything to do with that school in Waco), go take a proverbial hike. And when I say, “go take a hike,” well, you know what I mean.

In case that wasn’t clear enough, let me break it down for you:

On behalf of our friends in Stillwater, Lubbock, Morgantown, Ames, Lawrence, and Manhattan, take a hike.

And on behalf of those of us who live and bleed purple in Fort Worth, Texas, take an even longer hike.

It's in this spirit that I wish you the kind of life where Vandy beats you in every sport every time they come to Norman.

So, Sooners, as we say in Texas: Bless. Your. Heart. With all due sarcasm. We will see you at the Palace on the Prairie on Saturday and you should continue to FEAR THE FROG!

Go Frogs!