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This week's players' press conference had starting Defensive Back, T.J. Carter, and starting Quarterback Max Duggan available for questions about the team's mindset moving into the big game versus the Texas Longhorns after a disappointing performance from the team in the SMU game.

Both of the players interviewed were very honest in the press conference about the team's emotions moving forward. “Honestly, we came ready for a hard practice on Sunday," said Duggan. "We want to win. We are not going to pout because we got our asses kicked.” The team now has something to prove and is hungry to show it, said Duggan. Losing two games in a row is not a option for this TCU football team. 

Duggan also stated that the offense had some struggles throughout the last game that need to be addressed. He said that he knows he needs to get the ball to all his playmakers so that they can make something shake to electrify the team. He also stated that he continues to work on getting the deep ball under control, so that big plays can happen.

On the defense side of things, Carter, expressed they have to have short term memory going into this week. When the Longhorns come to town, defense will be vital. In the SMU game, the defense gave up 595 yards of total offense and 42 points. Carter sounded a lot like Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback,  in the press conference when he said  “We lost, now we flush it down the toilet.” 

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As far as all the missed tackles, blown coverages, non-existent quarterback pressure, and miscommunication, they learned from their mistakes at a tough practice, said Carter. They can see progress as they enter into a very important battle: TCU's first Big 12 conference game of the year. Don't miss this one because TCU is looking to bounce back and show the world what they have.

Also, it was indicated at the press conference that both Shadrach Banks and Zach Evans recently had a family member pass away due to COVID-19. Prayers go up for these players and their families.