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The KillerFrogs Podcast Episode 163: One More Week

The KillerFrogs team attempts to digest what was witnessed on Saturday after the Frogs lost the Iron Skillet to SMU in back-to-back games for the first time in nearly three decades. Spoiler: it’s not pretty. Listen to their insights.
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Hosted by Sean Foushee, the KillerFrogs team takes a deep dive into what happened on Saturday when the TCU Horned Frogs lost to the SMU Mustangs, 42-34. The podcast team also looks ahead to the Texas Longhorns coming to town on Saturday, which could potentially be their last appearance in Fort Worth in the foreseeable future.

Joining Foushee on this week's podcast are TCU Hall of Famers Shannon Brazzell and W.C. Nix plus Nick Howard and Hunter Nix.

Listen to the full podcast here (1:14:02) 

The team spends a good deal of time looking back at what happened during the SMU game. There were not many bright spots in that game, but the group does say the offense did show some positive performances, especially with RB Zach Evans. However, the KillerFrogs team is very adamant on the podcast that Doug Meacham needs to find a way to give Evans more than 15 touches in the game. 

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The pathetic performance by the defense was some of the worst many of the KillerFrogs team had seen in years. "We just never showed up," said Hunter Nix. "It was just ugly."

Brazzell discussed the transfer portal, and how through it, SMU now has senior quarterback Tanner Mordecai and other players. "SMU built a team through the portal," said Brazzell.

The team looks ahead to the Texas Longhorns game on Saturday, October 2. Will the offense be better? Will the defense be better? The group is optimistic that TCU will turn things around and have a much better game. Everyone is giving the Frogs "one more week." If after that, then "all wheels come off" and look forward to a whole new type of podcasts in the weeks ahead.

"I have to give them one more week to see what happens," said W.C. Nix. Then Brazzell echoed that sentiment with "If we look like the same team (as against SMU), then it's a whole new thing to discuss."