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TCU gets their tails handed to them in Norman losing to the Sooners 52-31 on Primetime Saturday night leaving this week’s panel of Sean, WC, Shannon, Hunter, Nathan, and Nick left to ponder… what happened to the TCU defense? Is the recent defensive malaise a coaching problem, a lack of proper personnel, injuries, or just a lack of effort?

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After a dismal performance in Norman against the Oklahoma Sooners, KillerFrogs discusses the problems with the Horned Frogs, primarily on defense, but the team also dives into leadership, motivation, and coaching issues, all contributing to the lackluster performance witnessed through the first half of the season. 

"Anytime that quarterback (Oklahoma's Caleb Williams) wretched back," said TCU Hall of Famer Shannon Brazzell, "I'd say 'We're going to get beat'." He continues during the podcast to "play the ball, not the player." He also states that the current team has the "weakest defense in years."

Brazzell also reflects on his time on the team playing for Coach Gary Patterson and how he nor any of his teammates wanted to be labeled with a "lack of effort" in a game, as that would mean not only would he pay a price in practice, so would his teammates. That was a motivational factor that kept the team performing high. He thinks that this year's team lacks that motivation, so, therefore, continues to show a lack of effort in the games. 

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Hunter Nix did have positive things to say about the offensive side of the ball, stating it's the OU game was the "best offensive game we have played this year. He also pointed out that the Frogs rank 7th nationally in yards per play with an average of 7.6 yards. 

However, he points out that we are the 111th in total defense. "When was the last time you saw a Gary Patterson defense out of the Top 50," questioned Nix. "It just doesn't happen."

He continued to say that something needs to change on the coaching level. "Gary the Head Coach should not be fired," he said. "But Gary should fire Gary the Defensive Coordinator." 

Listen to the entire podcast and hear all the lamenting about these issues.

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