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At this week’s press conference, Sonny Dykes was officially introduced as the next head coach of the TCU Horned Frogs. Sean Foushee, WC Nix, Hunter Nix, and Nick Howard talk about what this means for the program, break down what they like about Coach Dykes’ staff, and how this move is already paying dividends.

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Nick Howard initiates the discussion with basketball news. The women’s team “have a seven-game home stretch starting tomorrow. They face off against Southeastern Louisiana. Right now, the girls are 2 and 3, and they have another home game Sunday for the Big 12 SEC challenge, they play against the University of Florida. The guys had a game against Austin Peay. It was a good game; TCU took care of business. They got the W.”

The conversation quickly turns to news about Sonny Dykes as the new head coach. Nick was at the press conference where he was officially introduced as the TCU head coach. “It was packed. A different press conference than usual. Sonny, he’s definitely going to give us something different. We’ll be able to talk with coordinators and assistant coaches and more players. It will be fun.”

Sean expresses interest in the staff Dykes will bring along with him. Hunter says we “do know one defensive coach will be back, and that’s Paul Gonzales. So is Malcolm Kelly. And we are adding from SMU Garret Riley, David Gru, Chidera Uzo Diribe (OC, WR, Defense Line, respectively) . . . Mark Tommerdahl is coming in to be the Special Teams Coordinator. Then we’ve got Kaz Kazadi. And the assistant Running Backs coaches, the two, are Ra’Shaad Samples and Bryan Carrington. These are our biggest two. And they are, in my opinion, the most important two we’ve got. They are the recruiting gurus of Texas. With those two guys, in my mind, we swung for the fence, and we hit a home run.”

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The conversation turns toward Zach Evans, who is in the transfer portal. Hunter says “anyone can go in the portal at any time and come right back out. In fact, I think he’s going to stay . . . I would say he’s going to be here next year unless things take a turn for the worse.”

Ever the optimist, TCU Hall of Famer WC Nix adds his two cents. “I think he’s been a pretty good player/teammate. Everything I’ve seen has been positive. When I see him on the sideline all I see is him being encouraging. I hope he’s back. Make no mistake about it, he’s a five-star running back. And if he doesn’t stay with us, he’s going somewhere good.”

The group basically agrees that TCU needs to look forward and that Dykes will be more forthcoming with information about the players. Though they “love GP,” they are excited about Dykes’ hosting a press conference, which “they haven’t done in a bit with Patterson . . . it’s going to be a fun next few weeks.”

Attention is paid to the transfer portal. WC Nix “believes in the portal. It doesn’t bother me one bit. You get good players from the portal.” Nick says “transfer portals are the new era. You’ve just got to get used to it.” The group agrees that it’s important to push forward and be optimistic about a new era for TCU athletics.

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