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Live Updates, Score, Game Notes: No. 1 Tennessee vs. Belmont Midweek

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– The top-ranked Tennessee Baseball Volunteers are set to take on in-state foe Belmont in Lindsey Nelson Stadium at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday. SECN+ has the stream for Tennessee's final midweek game, and regular season home game, of the 2022 season. 

Tuesday is senior night for the Vols, and three Volunteers were recognized. (See below)

Super seniors Redmond Walsh, Evan Russell and Luc Lipcius were recognized last year. 

Senior RHP Camden Sewell

Tennessee senior RHP Camden Sewell is recognized behind home plate in Lindsey Nelson Stadium for Senior Day. 

Tennessee senior RHP Camden Sewell is recognized behind home plate in Lindsey Nelson Stadium for Senior Day. 

Senior OF Christian Scott

Tennessee senior outfielder Christian Scott is recognized behind home plate in Lindsey Nelson Stadium for Senior Day

Tennessee senior outfielder Christian Scott is recognized behind home plate in Lindsey Nelson Stadium for Senior Day

Tennessee senior third baseman Trey Lipscomb is recognized behind home plate in Lindsey Nelson Stadium for Senior Day. 

Tennessee senior third baseman Trey Lipscomb is recognized behind home plate in Lindsey Nelson Stadium for Senior Day. 

In recent news for Tennessee baseball, the Vols regained the unanimous number one ranking in all major college baseball polls, Blake Burke won SEC Co-Freshman of the Week honors after a 6-11 week with three homers, and a college baseball analyst on SEC Network dubbed Tennessee the 'best team college baseball has ever seen top to bottom.'

Tennessee's final midweek opponent is one of the best this season, as the Bruins hold an OVC-leading 35-17 (16-5 OVC) record. Belmont has faced off against two SEC games prior to Tennessee, as Vanderbilt beat the Bruins 13-4 in a March midweek and Alabama defeated Belmont in a tight 3-1 April midweek battle. The Bruins did best Tennessee Tech in a weekend series in April. The Golden Eagles are one of six teams to defeat the top-ranked Vols this year. 

The Bruins are led by three-hole hitter Guy Lipscomb, who has a .399 batting average with 75 hits, 37 RBIs, but only two home runs. Belmont's four and five-hole hitters Brody Heaton and Tommy Crider co-lead the team with 11 home runs. 

Belmont is the fifth in-state team the Volunteers will have faced this year, joining Lipscomb, Tennessee Tech, ETSU and Vanderbilt. The Vols are 5-1 against in-state foes. 

Below is Tennessee's starting lineup for the midweeker against the Bruins. 

Pitching matchup: 

Vols sophomore LHP Zander Sechrist (4-0, 1.62 ERA, 41 K/7 BB, 7 ER, 7 R, 23 H, .173 b/avg., 39.0 IP)) 


Belmont freshman RHP Jordan Zuger (2-1, 3.03 ERA, 19 K/14 BB, 11 ER, 11 R, 34 H, .270 b/avg., 32.2 IP) 

Lineup notes: 

-Burke starting at DH again, deservedly so

-Stephenson continuing to leadoff and start at left. 

-Normal midweek lineup for the final regular season home game of the 2022 season. 

The section below will be continuously updated with LIVE updates and the score of Tennessee-Belmont. 


1st Inning: 


-Carson Shacklett flies out to CF. 

-John Behrends flies out to LF. 

-Guy Lipscomb doubles to right field. 

-Lipscomb steals third. 39th stolen base of the year for Lipscomb on 45 attempts. 

-Brodey Heaton fouls out to 1B. Nice sliding catch from Lipcius to get the final out. 

*23-pitch first inning from Sechrist*


-Seth Stephenson draws a leadoff walk. 

-Stephenson steals second. Poor throw from Belmont catcher Jackson Campbell to try and catch Stephenson stealing. 

-Luc Lipcius hits an RBI single to right center to score Stephenson from second. Horrible overthrow from Belmont's CF Guy Lipscomb. Lipcius advances to second on the throw. 

-Jordan Beck draws a walk. Runners on first and second with nobody out. 

-Drew Gilbert homers into the Tennessee bullpen. An absolute missile. 102 mph off the bat, 21.2 degree launch angle. A line drive three-run shot. 

-Trey Lipscomb is walked. 

-Jorel Ortega flies out to the warning track in right field. First out after six batters. 

-Lipscomb advances to second on a wild pitch. 

-Blake Burke strikes out swinging. 

-Cortland Lawson grounds out to SS to strand Lipscomb. 

Score: Vols 4, Bruins 0

2nd Inning: 


-Tommy Crider strikes out swinging. 

-Mason Landers flies out to RF. 

-Jackson Campbell lines out to LF. Great catch from Stephenson at the left field wall.


-Charlie Taylor strikes out looking. 

-Seth Stephenson homers into the left field porches. 

-Luc Lipcius demolishes a baseball over the scoreboard for a solo homer. Tennessee having their way with Belmont. Lipcius' 14th of the season. 123rd for the Vols. Back-to-back jacks.

**So. RHP Will Jenkins on to pitch for Zuger**

-Jordan Beck is walked. 

-Drew Gilbert HBP.

-Runners advance ISP on a wild pitch. 

-Trey Lipscomb cracks a two-run double to left center. Bounced off the wall and Beck and Gilbert score. 

-Jorel Ortega RBI doubles to left field to score Lipscomb. 

-Blake Burke lines out to RF. 

-Cortland Lawson flies out to LF.

Score: Vols 9, Bruins 0

3rd Inning: 


-Jack Capobianco grounds out to 3B. 

-Grayson Taylor fouls out to 3B. 

-Carson Shacklett strikes out. 


-Charlie Taylor robbed of a base hit for the first out of the inning.

-Seth Stephenson homers over the LF porches. 

**Christian Moore pinch hitting for Luc Lipcius**'

-Christian Moore singles to LF. 

-Jordan Beck grounds into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. 

Score: Vols 10, Bruins 0

4th Inning: 


**Will Mabrey to pitch for Sechrist**

**Ortega to 1B, C-Moore to 2B**

*Ben Joyce warming up in the pen*

-John Behrends strikes out swinging. 

-Guy Lipscomb grounds out to 2B. 

-Brodey Heaton strikes out looking. 


-Drew Gilbert works a leadoff walk. 

**Christian Scott pinch running for Gilbert**

-Trey Lipscomb pops up to SS. 

-Jorel Ortega homers over the batter's eye. Two-run shot. 

**Junior RHP Aaron Hubbell to pitch for Jenkins**

-Blake Burke strikes out swinging. 

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-Cortland Lawson flies out to LF. 

Score: Vols 12, Bruins 0

5th Inning: 


**Gavin Brasosky on to pitch for Mabrey**

**Christian Scott to CF**

-Tommy Crider grounds out to 3B.

-Mason Landers grounds out to 3B. 

-Jackson Campbell lines out to CF. 


-Charlie Taylor singles to SS. First hit for Taylor in a start and first hit since the Iona series. Second hit of the season. 

-Seth Stephenson singles to RF. Taylor advances to second. 

-Christian Moore homers to left field for a three-run shot. Seven Vols now have 10 or more homers. 

-Jordan Beck advances to first on an error by the SS. 

-Christian Scott is walked. 

-Trey Lipscomb lines out to LF. 

**Logan Steenstra pinch hitting for Jorel Ortega**

-Steenstra strikes out swinging. 

-Blake Burke grounds out to 2B. 

Score: Vols 15, Bruins 0

6th Inning: 


**J.D. McCracken on to pitch for Brasosky**

**Steenstra to 1B for Ortega**

-Jack Capobianco reaches on an error by Lawson. 

-Grayson Taylor fouls out to 1B. 

-Carson Shacklett flies out to LF. 

-John Behrends grounds out to SS. 


**Logan Chambers pinch hitting for Cortland Lawson**

-Chambers singles to RF. Fourth hit of the year for the JUCO product out of Arkansas. 

-Charlie Taylor strikes out swinging. 

**Hunter Ensley pinch hitting for Seth Stephenson**

-Ensley strikes out swinging.

-Christian Moore advances on an error by Belmont LF, advances to second. Chambers scores, unearned. 

**Kyle Booker pinch hitting for Jordan Beck**

-Booker RBI singles to RF and Moore scores. 

-Scott grounds out to 2B. Great play from Belmont's second baseman. 

Score: Vols 17, Bruins 0

7th Inning: 


McCracken still on the mound. 

**Ethan Payne to 1B for Steenstra**

**Steenstra to SS for Lawson**

**Booker to RF for Beck**

**Chambers to 3B for Lipscomb**

**Ensley to LF for Stephenson**

-Sam Hedges grounds out. 

-Brodey Heaton doubles through the left side. 

-Tommy Crider grounds out to 2B. Heaton advances to third. 

-Mason Landers grounds out to SS. 


**Senior RHP Chandler Schultz on to pitch for Belmont**

-Ethan Payne draws a leadoff walk. 

-Logan Steenstra strikes out looking. 

-Blake Burke singles to RF. 

-Logan Chambers RBI singles to CF to score Payne. 

-Charlie Taylor infield fly to 2B. 

-Hunter Ensley strikes out swinging. 

Score: Vols 18, Bruins 0

8th Inning: 


**Grant Cherry on to pitch for McCracken**

-Blake Barton grounds out to SS. 

-Drew Lowry singles up the middle. 

-Jack Rando is walked. 

-Austin Ehren strikes out swinging. 

**Wyatt Evans on to pitch for Grant Cherry**

-John Behrends grounds out 1b to p. 


**Lane Lamberth on to pitch for Schultz**

-Christian Moore grounds out to 2B. 

-Kyle Booker strikes out swinging. 

-Christian Scott grounds out to 2B. 

Score: Vols 18, Bruins 0

9th Inning: 


**Drew Patterson on to pitch for Wyatt Evans**

-Sam Hedges singles up the middle. 

-Lovell flies out to deep right center. 

-Katafias strikes out swinging. 

**Ethan Smith on to pitch for Patterson**

-Christian Scott makes a diving catch for the final out. 

FINAL: Tennessee 18, Belmont 0

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