Look: Harrison Bailey Shows Body Transformation, Credits New S&C Coach Artis

Volunteer Country Staff

On an extended week because of the 4th of July Holiday, Tennessee's football players are off campus spending time with their families or on mini-vacations. Freshman Quarterback, Harrison Bailey, is one of those guys. 

While at the beach, Bailey posted a photo on his Instagram hinting at his new physically defined stature. Atop the photo, he captioned, "@AJ_Artis 'It has only been three weeks.'" 


Bailey has been working on a body transformation since the end of his Junior season in high school. He left that campaign around roughly 230 pounds, while being criticized for not being mobile enough in and out of the pocket.

Bailey rolled into the next season at around 210 pounds, and he was much more mobile. 

For reference, here is a photo from his Spring game against Hillgrove (Ga.)


His credit to adding definition across his six-foot-five frame to Artis is another positive sign for the Vols. The first-time Director of Sports Performance was recently promoted to the void left by Craig Fitzgerald's return to the NFL. 

Artis' youth and vibrance has been something that has been well-received during his time with Tennessee, and it is clear that he is making strides with the current roster. 

Bailey's listed weight when he early enrolled in January was 210 pounds, but he now lists at 223 pounds. Bailey's transformation should allow him to hold up night in and night out in SEC play if called upon this fall. 

Bailey will enter the quarterback battle that will ensue once teams are allowed to practice fully again with high expectations. 

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