Watch: A Behind The Scenes Look at Tennessee's DL with Jimmy Brumbaugh

Matthew Ray

Jeremy Pruitt quickly hired Jimmy Brumbaugh to fill the void left by Tracy Rocker's departure to South Carolina. Brumbaugh left Colorado to come back to the SEC, and the University recently released an inside look at Brumbaugh and the defensive line group, which you can watch below.

Brumbaugh has received high praise since his arrival at Tennessee. Earlier in Fall Camp, Senior defensive lineman, Matthew Butler, said on him, ""His second day after he introduced himself and kind of we got to know each other, I want to say he pulled up the Georgia game, and with all due respect to a formidable opponent in Georgia, we could have done some things differently in that game so that it would have had a different outcome. He pointed out some things that may have been overlooked, things that could have changed the game, that could have really impacted the game, just with a few details. That kind of shows that he had already watched the game and went through it with a fine comb. That’s pretty impressive from a player-to-coach standpoint, and it's also good to hear that you can improve."

Brumbaugh has continued to help Tennessee's defensive line improve, as Butler added at that time, "He knows his stuff. He’s coached plenty of good football players on plenty of good football teams. He knows his stuff, very meticulous about the details. He didn’t vary from that at all. He came to us and he told us how he was going to be, and he's been consistent with that.

Brumbaugh's position group will face off against their former coach, Tracy Rocker, on Saturday at 7:30 EST.

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