Get to know 2020 Signee: Four-star LB Martavius French

Matthew Ray

Martavius French was committed to Arkansas for an extended period of time, but coaching changes and other circumstances led to him signing with Tennessee during the early signing period. French measures in at 6'2, 240lbs, and he can play all of the linebacker spots in Tennessee's defensive system. He is set to arrive on campus over the Summer, but you can get to know him in this Q&A.

Question- What is your favorite food?

Martavius's Answer- Gushers, rotel, honey hot wings, and seafood.

Question- What is your favorite video game?

Martavius's answer- Madden 20

Question- Who is your sports role model

Martavius's answer- Ryan Shazier

Question- What is your favorite movie?

Martavius's answer- A haunted house.

Question-What is your favorite weight room lift?

Martavius's answer- Clean and press

Question- What is something people should know about Martavius French

Martavius's answer- I went through a lot of adversity to be at this point of my life. I am just grateful and thankful.

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