Lane Kiffin Wants to See ‘ManningCast’ for Tennessee-Ole Miss, And Who Can Blame Him?

It would make for some incredible television.

At SEC Media Days this summer, we asked Lane Kiffin about his return to Neyland Stadium when Tennessee faces Ole Miss on October 16th.

Kiffin, of course, gave an excellent answer on Vol fans and Neyland’s environment, which you can see in the video above.

But in his return, Kiffin isn’t just concerned about the environment inside the stadium he coached in for one season before bolting for USC.

He’s also pushing for how the game will be broadcasted. 

With the success of Peyton and Eli Manning’s debut ‘ManningCast’ during Monday Night Football this week, Reddit CFB released a tweet pushing for the brothers to do a special broadcast for Tennessee-Ole Miss.

And Kiffin is in full support, as evidenced by this tweet:

The move would make complete sense, of course, given Peyton’s time at Tennessee and Eli’s run at Ole Miss.

There would likely be some incredible stories and banter from the brothers as well, much like what we saw during this week’s edition. 

For now, we can only hope ESPN follows through on Kiffin’s wishes. 

Reddit CFB has certainly pushed the agenda.

Whether the Worldwide Leader does so or not, though, Kiffin’s return to Knoxville should still make for some excellent television.

And we’ll be there to bring you all the insight.