Pruitt's 'Honesty and Vision to Rebuild' Changed Wanya Morris's Thoughts on Tennessee During Recruiting Process

Matthew Ray

Wanya Morris was the cornerstone of Tennessee's 2019 recruiting class after committing to Jeremy Pruitt's program on May 1st, 2018. Morris came out of the high school ranks as one of the elite players in the country, and he lived up to that billing during his freshman season on Rocky Top. Morris garnered freshman All-American honors during his first season in Knoxville, and he is now set for a sophomore campaign that will prove pivotal for Jeremy Pruitt's tenure. 

Morris was rated as the 28th overall prospect in the 247 Sports Composite Rankings in the 2019, and his recruiting process started early. 

During the newest episode of 'The Slice' with Kasey Funderburg, Morris said, "it started sophomore year after we played South Gwinnett. They had some pretty good D-tackles, one is at Florida State now, and one is at Clemson. A few good linebackers also. I went out there and had a pretty good game, and then I got my first offer from Boston College and Syracuse right after that. After that, it really just took off, and I couldn't be more grateful, honestly. It was just crazy. It was like I can't believe it." 

Funderburg asked Morris what it was like when Tennessee came into the picture, and Morris responded, "I never would have thought I would end up at Tennessee, honestly. I knew Coach Pruitt from Alabama, I knew him for a pretty long-time. They just showed me how real they were as people, and they were just honest. I think I respect honesty more than anything, and I saw the vision he had to rebuild and be a part of something different. Not everybody wants to help rebuild a program. I felt like that was a big moment for me because I wanted to have my name a part of something different. I wanted to be one of those ones that helped get Tennessee back to where it used to be, and the adrenaline just pumps when I think about that and just know that we are going to be great. It is unmatched." 

Morris added on Pruitt, "he was just a real guy- chilled, laid back. Most coaches come in in a suit. Coach Pruitt came in in flip-flops and a shirt. He was just honest, and he was just a real person. He was just genuine, and I feel like that gets you a long way. He made it say the players recruit the best players, and I just fell in love with the team. I became friends with most of my teammates before I came on the team. I just felt like I know people here, and I am comfortable, so why not go here?"

Funderburg asked Morris on being a vocal leader for the Vols during the recruiting process, and he said, " I was. I was pretty cool with most of the people on the team already, and I just felt like players recruit the best players. Players are your best recruiters, and they were. They did a raelly good job. I talked to them almost every week. Having people like Tank come with me, and Ramel and Warren, it just made it a whole lot easier because we are going through the same thing together. We all know each other, so it made it easier to have an outlet sometime." 

Morris said on knowing the exact moment when he was going to Tennessee, "the exact moment is the day I committed. I was on the stage, and I was tied between the two. I actually didn't know where I was going. Then, I just thought to myself and prayed for a second and asked the Lord to guide me on this journey, and I ended up picking Tennessee. I was like we are going to take it and run with it." 

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