Football will return this fall, in some shape or form, but before that happens practice must resume. The NCAA is close to ready to take its first steps toward that, according to a report from Yahoo Sports Pete Thamel. 

Thamel wrote on his twitter account, “Sources: The NCAA football oversight committee met today. They are heading toward recommending a six-week preseason football camp model for this season. In the next week, they’re going to determine in the granular what that could look like before formally recommending it.”

He later added, “The FOC will make that recommendation to the NCAA Division I Council for final approval. Mid-June is the target for that step.” 

VR2 learned earlier this week that Tennessee players would start returning to campus as early as next week, according to sources close to the situation.  

They can begin voluntary athletic activities on June 8th. Getting a potential target date like this in line is another huge step for football to take place this fall.