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In-State Tennessee Target Griffin-Parker Previews Looming Commitment Decision

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William Griffin-Parker has been planning a September 4th commitment announcement for several months. He plans to do it just a few days after his birthday, and he will announce the details on how he will release his commitment later this week. Parker previews the looming decision that will come down to Alabama and Tennessee here.

On what helped the Crimson Tide make his two finalists, "they are great. That's where you can go to be great. That is where you can go to be successful and be a part of something great. What kind of young man wouldn't want to join something like that?

Parker has referenced Alabama as his "dream school", and he has ties to the area. During an interview with VR2 on SI in July, he said, "that is my dream school. That is a school I wanted to go to when I started playing football and getting offers. That is a school growing up as a kid, I always had elephants, and I was walking around saying,  'roll tide. I have family there, too. My grandad is from there, so that is somewhere I have always dreamed about going to."

Alabama was one of Parker's latest offers, but it meant a lot when the Crimson Tide started pushing down the stretch. He said on Saturday night, "they were the only offer I really had to work for. I had to show up and camp and show them that I was one of the best. So, it meant a lot for them to come back and start recruiting me because they are my dream school. From the time I was a freshman, I was determined to work to get it, because not that many people get that offer where I'm from."

Griffin-Parker said on talking to his family and weighing out the ties to Alabama, "my family, they are just happy for me to have this opportunity. They don't care what school I go to. They are happy with anything. They are just happy for me."

Offensive Line Coach Kyle Flood has led the charge for Alabama. Griffin-Parker said, "he tells me that there is a good line group coming in, and there is a good group leaving, too. There is playing time for everybody. He said I can stick with any of the guys that are coming in."

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The Vols have recruited the coveted Pearl Cohn standout for a while, and during a July interview with VR2 on SI, he said about them, "t is on the come up. It is very booming right now. It has a lot of upsides. It is a good situation for any offensive lineman coming in. You have both of your tackles possibly leaving after I get there, so you have a tackle spot open. That is what you dream of when choosing a school. Who wouldn't want the chance to play right away? That is the craziest group of coaches that recruit me. They are a funny group of guys, and they are coming after me hard."

Now, a little over a month later, Tennessee is one of his two finalists. He said on why they are here, "I have great relationships with everybody. I can really say I have a great relationship with every coach, and why not stay home and be a part of something that is different and changing?"

One of those coaches is Will Friend, and Parker said on the Tennessee offensive line coach, "Coach Friend tells me a lot. He tells me there is a tackle spot that is open, and I can come play it, and it is the side I want to be on. So, why not come to compete for that spot, since there is not that many older guys in front of me for the spot."

Parker said on working to separate the schools over the next six days, "I am going to look at which one will benefit me more in life after football. Which one will be best for William, not just to No. 64."

Parker plans to major in Sports Medicine, and that will be a factor in his decision.

Parker is going to one of the schools involved in the 3rd Saturday in October rivalry, and according to him, one of the schools is getting a "very coachable dawg."