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Red Raiders Loss to TCU Presents Potential Glaring Issue

The Red Raiders quarterback carrousel continued to be an issue in the loss to TCU.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders have the makeup of a team that is so close to figuring it out but also seemingly not quite there at the same time. At times they seem able to play with anybody in the Big 12, but their 34-24 loss to the TCU Horned Frogs showed that the Red Raiders have one potential glaring issue. 

That issue? The quarterback position. 

To clarify, the Red Raiders certainly have the talent at quarterback and the three different quarterbacks have shown flashes of elite play. However, they, like the rest of the team, have mostly been inconsistent. 

As well, all three of the Red Raiders quarterbacks have dealt with an injury at some point this season. Most recently, Behren Morton suffered an injury in the loss to TCU and Tyler Shough entered in replacement. 

Shough completed only 9-of-22 passes for 78 yards with a touchdown and interception. He also added 9 rushing yards and a touchdown on seven carries. 

No, Morton and Shough were not the sole reason the Red Raiders lost on Saturday, but they certainly were a factor. Simply put, in football you need good quarterback play to help balance your offense and in turn win games, which has at times been a struggle for the Red Raiders. 

Overall, though, the Red Raiders don't have a quarterback problem, at least not in the traditional sense. Rather than struggling to find one quarterback to put it together, they have three quarterbacks who have shown glimpses of doing so. 

If they can figure it out at the quarterback position then this is a team that will be ready to take that next step into contender status. Until they do, though, the Red Raiders will continue to put together inconsistent performances. 

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